One of the design concept of mastodon is abolish a monopoly (like a twitter), but there is a monopol by pixiv (Japanese company governs SNS for drawings) on in Japanese community. So I personally want that other companies to run mastodon appear.

@0_6010 similar problem occurred with Bitcoin - one mining pool captured more than 50% of mining activity, thus destroying the security guarantee. But as long as there's reasonable portability to different instances, one can die or go rogue without killing Mastodon, even if it's a large instance that dies or goes rogue.


@mattskala Wow, I didn't know that. It is very interesting phenomenon on Bitcon!
And to last half, I think so too. It is what distribution architecture means.

Now it is still in the early developmental stage, the Japanese Mastodon community(is world community also in dev stage?).

@0_6010 I'm hopeful that it will work out well. My worry is that the same tribalism that is destroying Twitter, will be imported to the English-language side of Mastodon. But early Japanese dominance would help prevent that.

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