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Ultimate success or failure of Japanese involvement in Mastodon will be determined by where Kuina-chan goes, for the others will follow. Kuina-chan knows the gate. Kuina-chan is the gate. Kuina-chan is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Kuina-chan.

@0_6010 similar problem occurred with Bitcoin - one mining pool captured more than 50% of mining activity, thus destroying the security guarantee. But as long as there's reasonable portability to different instances, one can die or go rogue without killing Mastodon, even if it's a large instance that dies or goes rogue.

@dsale It's actually a bot that is submitting the RSS Feed for CNN

One of the design concept of mastodon is abolish a monopoly (like a twitter), but there is a monopol by pixiv (Japanese company governs SNS for drawings) on in Japanese community. So I personally want that other companies to run mastodon appear.

How many people can see this tootie wootie? Is my voice being heard on here? I want to know if this is the place I migrate most of my social ramblings to. ReToot me or comment. #toot #mastadon #noticemesenpai


237,915 accounts
+3,012 in the last hour
+53,011 in the last day
+131,824 in the last week
586 active instances

47,254 accounts
+4,243 in the last day
+5,552 in the last week

Il semble que ce soit un problème de réfugiés.





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