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TIL: you can configure a remote with multiple push URLs.

It basically allows you to push to multiple remotes at once.

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Git Explorer - Find the right commands you need without digging through the web. gitexplorer.com/

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We all face tough situations on a regular basis. But behind the circumstances and events that provoke an immediate negative reaction is something good—some exposed benefit that we can seize mentally and then act upon.We blame outside forces or other people and we write ourselves off as failures or our goals as impossible. But there is only one thing we really control: our attitude and approach


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Herzlichen Ich liebe Freie Software Tag http://fsfe.org/campaigns/ilovefs/index.html allen Entwickler*innen, Dokumentator*innen, Übersetzer*innen und all den anderen lieben Menschen die sich ich #FLOSS Projekten engagieren. Vielen Dank für eure Arbeit! ❤


Solltet ihr in #Berlin sein, kommt doch heute Abend einfach zu unserem Treffen um den Tag https://wiki.fsfe.org/Events/Berlin/2019-02-14 ein wenig zu zelebrieren. Alle anderen, die sich für #FreieSoftware interessieren sind natürlich auch herzlich eingeladen 😀

#IloveFS #FreeSoftware #FSFE
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Bravo! Die #Tagesschau App gibt es jetzt auch bei @fdroidorg

Ein wichtiger Schritt in die richtige Richtung - jetzt fehlt nur noch, dass die App selbst auch #FreieSoftware wird.

Public Money? #PublicCode!


Tweet von Edward Snowden (@Snowden) um 20. Nov., 20:58 - Ever want to hear me explain blockchains and bitcoin? Of course you didn't. But now you can, in hardcover and freely online, thanks to @McSweeneys 54, "The End of Trust". Read some of society's finest minds on the future of technology. Available here: t.co/d0NJUepyIt t.co/tdRwzK1CtE


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Zu krass >> Rechtes Netzwerk in der Bundeswehr: Hannibals Schattenarmee taz.de/!5548926/

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Pepe loves to assists playing pillars of eternity II

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@pixelfed Thanks for your great work! 👍 👏

I wonder how I could change the image caption if I did it wrong. If I click on edit on my post I can modify the description field but not the caption field. Therefore the description is shown if I hover over the picture but the caption is shown below. Feels some kind of strange for me...

@bedcon thanks for a great conference, again. Got so much input and insights. It is worth a visit every time.

On the way to this year's . Looking forward to an inspiring conference and a big thank you to the organizers @bedcon .

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The iPhone X Index: This Chart Shows How Ridiculously Long You Have to Work to Get One howmuch.net/articles/hours-wor via @[email protected]

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