aaaaaaaaaaaa i wish more people would move over to mastodon

(pokemon sword/shield postgame spoiler) 

pokemon x & y might get shit for not having post game but oh my god id rather have no post game than the unholy abomination that is the postgame in sword & shield

there are more Dreepys in Beast Balls than there are actual UBs caught in Beast Balls

why arent more people moving from twitter to mastodon im so disappointed in society

i was going to join mastodon long ago but thought it was too confusing for my basic brain to understand but nevermind, there are social media platforms that are like 100x more confusing

alr when twitter deletes the old layout im moving here permanently

which one do you prefer the most

oh also why is minecraft still relevant? terraria is better in a million ways and people forgot about it like 8 hours after journey's end update came out. meanwhile everyone plays minecraft because of that guy who has 100mil subs for reading reddit posts

they done screwed up, i've lost all respect for twitter


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