Programming DirectTV remote to control Vizio soundbar

I bought a Vizeo sound bar because the speakers on many of these flat-screen TVs suck. I don't watch TV, but my mom does and one big annoyance was having to use the Vizio remote to control the sound instead of the DirectTV remote, and so i started hunting for a solution.

Controlling the volume and mute functions of the Vizio soundbar with the Dir

user-overrides.js updated for Firefox 65

The user-overrides.js preferences file for Firefox 65 was updated. Nothing important was changed as this was just an update to align with the newest Firefox release. If you're using my custom user-overrides.js, then grab the file and change-log at my GitLab repo.

Article update: Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things

I made some small edits to the article, Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things, the primary change being the addition of a method to un-hide embedded YouTube videos. I don't know if there's been a change on YouTube's end or what, but i'm noticing a lot of embedded YT videos are not accessible on 3rd party sites unless you

Breaking (video): The Story of the Young RussiaGate Mistress – And Why Trump Fears Her | Jake Morphonios

I've been reading the 2008 book, Supermob - How Sidney Korshak and His Criminal Associates Became America's Hidden Power Brokers, by investigative reporter Gus Russo. The book tells the story of the Russian-Jewish-Zionist mafia and their rise to power in the United States, beginning w

Firefox config guide updates – one small, one medium sized

Both Firefox configuration guides were updated with more information regarding the downloading of the user.js and user-overrides.js configuration files, thanks to a commenter who was thoughtful enough to share a problem they had.

More importantly, the user-overrides.js file was updated again. The latest changes are as follows...

* add

Article update: Firefox Extensions – My Picks

The Firefox Extensions – My Picks article was updated. Here's the latest changes:

removed Cookie AutoDelete
removed Awesome RSS (broken at the moment)
removed Linkificator – all of these text linkify add-ons seem to have problems
removed YouTube Feeds
removed ‘Clean image links’ code for Header Editor
replaced Smart HTTPS with HTTPZ

Content updates : The Firefox for dummies guide and a new user-overrides.js

Both the user-overrides.js and the Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies! have been updated, but there's not actually any super important changes to the guide. Here's the change log:

clarified a lot of stuff that may not have been clarified clearly enough
eliminated the ‘relaxed_user-overrides.js’ fi

12bytes site updates, 5-Jan-2019

My user-overrides.js for Firefox was heavily updated. If you're new to all this, this file is intended to be appended to the 'ghacks' user.js which is then read by Firefox. The 'ghacks' file greatly enhances Firefox security and privacy, but it is not a complete solution, thus why i (and others) have written a couple of guides which cover a much wider scope, details below.


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