Also, I have several protocols to connect against

I may migrate my account to a pleroma instance, the current integration with bitlbee-mastodon sucks.

Also, I serve a hole, with post in Spanish and English (mainly Spanish)

I've just set a greenish theme for , somebody I know would be happy :p

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Systemd is trying to turn Linux into Windows NT.

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Left: "so we put #surveillance even in Windows Calc.exe and we even showed that to people through #github to make it become 'normal'..."

Right: "NOT ENOUGH! We put #listeningdevices in every home, office and car! Right, Alexa?"
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> NOTE to users in #Crimea, #Cuba, #Iran, North #Korea, #Sudan, and #Syria: may not be accessible after the migration to Google. Google has informed us that there are legal restrictions that are imposed for those countries. See this U.S. Department of the Treasury link for more details

What the hell, #Gitlab?!

#Google #GCP #USA 🖕

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Twitter no sólo se ha convertido en un lugar inseguro, caprichoso y censor de lo que le duele a instituciones, gobiernos y corporaciones. Ahora trafica con tus datos little VT100 slow down tool in order to play old animations from

Ok, no APM support for the laptop under OpenBSD, but CPU scaling works. I sent a dmesg output to [email protected]
It could be fixed in 6.6 or -current, who knows.

Mednafen faults, but snes9x works fine. I think I'll use vimb with an Android 4.4 UA

no if I could fix the damn mastodon plugin it would be fine

Well, xpdf and XTerm with the 10x20 font and unicode work amazingly well on a "small" resolution

Got with 3D acceleration on an old HP laptop, something I coudn't archieve with /Linux.
It uses a flat-ish USB 2.0 drive as a "poor man's hard disk", it works perfectly with 32GB.
I didn't install too much stuff, I plan to upgrade it to 6.6 soon.

Vale, creo que el disco no era de @fanta, esto de tener 200 cosas me mata. Pero bueno, se puede compartir igual, total, lo encontré via Gopher...

Vale, maldito PC, no sé por donde he bajado un CD de música, creo que por Lynx O_o

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