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OpenBSD dev @solene has an unofficial package repo for -stable that gets updated. How awesome <3


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I'm fed up with SD based computers. All of them are crap. These media was meant for photos or music, not for continous I/O.

Not even JFFS is reliable enough, even by using SLC NAND were you lose a bit of space so you can write with less failures.

Want a source of fake people pictures to slow down these surveillance crawlers such as Facebook and Faceapp?
mkdir ~/fakes
cd ~/fakes
while true; do sleep 1; wget -e robots=off -U "Mozilla" "thispersondoesnotexist.com/ima" -O "`date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S`".png ; done

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Why libraries are the greatest places on earth:

- books
- free!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- quiet, so quiet, so peaceful is heaven
- people leave you alone
- also movies and computers and things
- staff literally know everything and want you to know everything thanks
- you can stay the whole time they're open and not have to pay anything at all
- you can get lost in the big ones and that's cool
- mmm smells of wisdom

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comic books ; pop culture; WWII 

Recently installed sbase and ubase (suckless unix utilities) among fatbase (some tools) under for a .
The improvement over the bundled busybox is amazing. Sorry, but if you don't include neither diff(1) or sort(1), your machine is borked.

And for sure I have a better awk(1).

I've got the back. Now:

- Base FW, SD card as an overlay FS
- Just links/alpine/sacc/jimtcl/mpg123/imgv
- Nethack and frotz for gaming.
- No Python, but OFC -some guy- will create a Gemini client in TCL.
- Static frotz and sacc builds in case of the rest of the FS pukes out again.

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TL;DR: XMPP sucks, push sucks, iOS sucks, Discord sucks, Matrix sucks, HTTP sucks, the Fediverse sucks, EVERYTHING FUCKING SUCKS.

I'll just drop my bachelor and become a Norwegian salmon fisherman. I'm tired of all this shit. I'M FUCKING TIRED. FUCK Y'ALL.

I had a crappy ARMv5 laptop with Debian, too.

And "thanks" to these crappy unreliable SD cards, it didn't last long, too.

I am getting tired of all this crap. Tomorrow will be the retroPDA day. I will get one based on batteries, powerful enough to run some minimal BSD. I don't trust Linux: Busybox is too limited, it lacks basic tools, and GNU coreutils is the opposite bloat.

Shitty arm firmware doesn't read ext2 FS' written under . But I can mount thepre-ext2 formatted SD cards in the desktop just fine.

QuickJS from Fabrice Bellard. This could rock under
I know, JS. But I'd prefer that against Firefox or Iridum behemoths.

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Alemaniako Hesse estatuko eskoletan Microsoft Office 365 erabiltzea debekatu dute pribatutasun arazoengatik.

Herbehereetako ikertzaile batzuk Microsoft Office 365ek dokumentuetako esaldiak eta emailen gaiak biltzen zituela aurkitu zuten iaz.




Keep out your politics, ANY politics around my tools. They are just that, IT TOOLS, no one should put any tiny bit of ethics here. Ditto with Science.

Sokal case is what you get when you mix Science with Politics/Ethics.

busted again. I hate SD based storage computers.
I must restore it within a Linux computer :(
It's more reliable than the , but I'd love a mini-netbook with long battery under .

We need to praise useful features, not just the bells and whistles.

I blame Instagram and Facebook. And partly, Twitter.

You are not producing shit. You are not being happy.
You are secretly addicted to likes.

You are not yourself, you are being shaped by the others.
That is cultish behaviour. Run away.

People is brainwashed. They just want technology to show it off, not to use it.
Utilitarianism is dead. Welcome to the age of posseuring.
In the 90's the users wanted industrial designs. They wanted to look as *hard working*.

Now it's just a facade. They want poshy designs, with semioutdated and resource wasting hardware.

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@skotperez A ver si suben los vídeos del #summerlab19 de una vez que mi suegra quiere verme.

No sé si es bueno o malo esto.

cc @eider

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