As you woudln't like to run propietary Z-machine games under Frotz, you may like to play them over lynx:

@jxself Altough I recommend "links2" with an 80x40 terminal for proper formatting.

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@15F9 I wouldn't like proprietary games at all because they deny my right to study, change, & share them regardless of how they're run.

@jxself Yeah, I tought about that, but at least you had the option to play those from Links without tainting your machine :)

@15F9 The machine may not be tainted but my freedom is, and that's worse.

@jxself Ok, then. I saw this too:
If the original levels are Copyrighted, you can adapt the KGoldRunner ones, as oldrunner uses txt files for levels too.

@15F9 This looks neat - Thank you. The levels will need to be replaced.

@jxself Cool :). At least they are small enough, and having 10-20 as a demo would be a good start.

@15F9 jxself.org/git/?p=orl.git now exists. Contributions are welcome. I've also found some bugs within Oldrunner. Not with the levels but with the program. Some are gameplay bug where it doesn't follow the rules of the original game. Others are technical bugs.

@jxself I've tried your first level. It's a bit more puzzle like than trying to hide from your foes, but it's fun.
As for changes, I replaced the gold/money symbol with a '$'. Easier.

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