Also, say what you want but base OpenBSD coming with BSD games is something which is sadly overlooked. If Solitaire on Windows tought people how to use the mouse, BSD games should be used as an example to be confortable in a terminal :)
fortune(6) is one of the easiest command to understand.
You type in you get an answer as a quote.
With tetris(6) as default you are used to jkl to move the pieces, and with hack(6) you are basically learning how to move with vi(1) keys.

@starbreaker The day I tried atc(6) I was amazed by the concept. Ditto with nethack(6) and its grandpa, hack(6). Not with tetris(6), I think you can sim tetris (not BSD) under a 512khz machine and less.

@15F9 I remember discovering the bsdgames in college on a SPARCstation running SunOS. One time I missed the train home and spent the night in the computer lab getting my ass kicked by hack(6).

@starbreaker Now nethack(6) is easier and more balanced :D

Still, I think some guy built a 3.6 DOS version for , too.

But thanks to the magic of telnet you can play on nearly any machine :D

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