philosophers in history who spent their whole lives thinking about ethics: gee this is pretty hard

some guy who got a B+ in college calculus: all those guys are idiots. let me figure it out real quick


Eh, easy. CS student here:

Do not harm the rest.
Try to help and teach.
Law's necessary.

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@15F9 incredible. you solved ethics, right here on this very website. how did you do it?

@Aleums @dankwraith don't you just love it when you say "doing this is bad" and then someone simply does it?

@sexybenfranklin @dankwraith dank has an uncanny ability to summon the densest members of this web site

@Aleums @dankwraith I was *just* thinking this morning "I haven't had any sincere replies to a joke toot lately, I should reboots the glasses toot", and now I will.

@witchfynder_finder @Aleums @dankwraith I love how he even said "CS Student here", it really drove it home.

@sexybenfranklin @witchfynder_finder @Aleums @dankwraith who posted that every techbro thinks they can reconstruct an entire field of study from basic principles in an afternoon?

@Authoritimmy @sexybenfranklin @witchfynder_finder @Aleums @dankwraith agreed for how it's a form of brain damage. Probably because our career and education is based on "here's basic logic. Now implement sorting from scratch even though we've long ago written optimized built-in functions for it." It's an urge I have to tell my juniors to fight on a daily basis.

@wilbr I think it also self selects people who are prone to this thinking. In order to succeed in coding you have to build from basics and abstract away any confounding elements.

Like upthread a user endorsed law which is essentially just importing the "common law" library rather than writing it from scratch. I'm sure they accept that it has flaws, but *shrug* let's fix it upstream

@15F9 just out of curiosity, have you ever read any Edouard Siddon?

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