I had a crappy ARMv5 laptop with Debian, too.

And "thanks" to these crappy unreliable SD cards, it didn't last long, too.

I am getting tired of all this crap. Tomorrow will be the retroPDA day. I will get one based on batteries, powerful enough to run some minimal BSD. I don't trust Linux: Busybox is too limited, it lacks basic tools, and GNU coreutils is the opposite bloat.

Japan and computer culture 

I see people have more respect on OS defaults as in and , interesting.
It looks like a cultural "norm", based on being discrete on everything.
But they have the concept on kaizen, too. Minimal defaults (as I have on JWM) for the fonts and the colors
can be much better on the long term without looking too fancy.

BasiliskII emulator under , I fixed some build options in the makefile. I coudn't enable the JIT, sadly.

about the [email protected] thread, Is this a modern enough base desktop for ? Because it looks both modern enough and well, deserves a better atention.

INFGMB. You can play z-machine games up to the z3 version in the Game Boy. So, Infocom oldies and some 90's classics as Curses and maybe Jigsaw.
Zork works, of course.
It has both a readline-like history mode and word-highlighting and appending with "select" + "pad buttons".


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