Also, I have several protocols to connect against

I may migrate my account to a pleroma instance, the current integration with bitlbee-mastodon sucks.

Also, I serve a hole, with post in Spanish and English (mainly Spanish)

I've just set a greenish theme for , somebody I know would be happy :p

@yannsionneau @drwho svchost.exe

Also, maybe one day these nuts will reimplement rundll32.

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Systemd is trying to turn Linux into Windows NT.

@claudiom Get a Chinese Feng Kong. It costs far less, it's compatible with GB/GBC carts and it's batteries based. Also, backlight.

@[email protected] Also you must login on brutaldon with the legacy method.

@[email protected] you need to enable a setting in the http options. Send the URL as referer.

@fanta No entiendo como el mundo Linux no adopta doas de OpenBSD

@fanta Cooledit es un editor de esos antiguos que si soportan Unicode.

@fanta Los muy cabrones ya podian haber hecho el juego con darkplaces (donde se ve así de serie) en vez de Unity. Ahora lo tendríamos en cualquier OS. He pagado por datos de juego para source ports de OpenBSD.

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