Also, I have several protocols to connect against

I may migrate my account to a pleroma instance, the current integration with bitlbee-mastodon sucks.

Also, I serve a hole, with post in Spanish and English (mainly Spanish)

I've just set a greenish theme for , somebody I know would be happy :p

@yannsionneau @drwho svchost.exe

Also, maybe one day these nuts will reimplement rundll32.

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Systemd is trying to turn Linux into Windows NT.

@claudiom Get a Chinese Feng Kong. It costs far less, it's compatible with GB/GBC carts and it's batteries based. Also, backlight.

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@starbreaker Also you must login on brutaldon with the legacy method.

@starbreaker you need to enable a setting in the http options. Send the URL as referer.

@starbreaker Brutaldon shines under links+ with "links -g".

@fanta No entiendo como el mundo Linux no adopta doas de OpenBSD

@fanta Cooledit es un editor de esos antiguos que si soportan Unicode.

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