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Well, instead of a web site, a gopher site. I plan to make retro and totally accesible sites for everyone.

And OFC I plan to share lots of text files and a good collection of jokes, among a collection of free (libre) text games.

I may share some solo RPG's over a web site.
In the near future, power (current) may be scarce.

@jxself Dopewars runs fine against ncurses (no X needed)
Also, vms-empire:
The 1st has multiplayer, is nice :D

@fanta Falta Taxi Driver como peli recomendada clásica en tu servidor y lo sabes :P

also in cfg.h, I defined OLDRUNNER_TIMEOUT to 160000, if not, the game run too fast

Avant gardé classical music + King short story = I am shitting myself at night...

Reading a King novel over and listening to classical music with mpg123. And today people needs multicore systems with GB's of RAM...

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#OpenBSD users who like #radio streams might want to check out the curseradio package. It's implemented with Python so has a bunch of dependencies, but you can select favorites and have them saved as an OPML file -- which you can then hack to add additional stations not listed by default if you can find them on

Granted, if you have a favorite stream that provides a plain HTTP URL you could listen using mpg123, but not all stations are as reasonable as #WRTI in Philly.

@jxself Altough I recommend "links2" with an 80x40 terminal for proper formatting.

As you woudln't like to run propietary Z-machine games under Frotz, you may like to play them over lynx:

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modern science is worth nothing if it can't explain the chicken spiral

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I'm studying a survey that the Basque government does to check the level of poverty of people here because we are making a study about immigration. The idea is to show how good the immigration is for the basque country and how much we need it.
(we need it a lot, because we are a really old society etc)

Studying the amount of money they spend per month to check their impact in the GDP...

With 444 samples, this is one of the numbers I get:
Median savings per month: 0.0

I want to cry

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So, at least the half of the families who answered the survey don't save ANY FUCKING MONEY per month.

This is disastrous.

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I'm still impressed by Nightscape every time I use it

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I don't consider @googlechrome to be a web browser. I think of it more as glorified DRM to access @Netflix.

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Dear wannabe #OpenBSD porters (and actual OpenBSD porters):

I just put my whole work-in-progress ports directory (a little more than 60 new ports) on GitHub:

You're free to take these ports, make yourself MAINTAINER, and submit them to [email protected] (please email me first though).

This is your chance to experience what it's like to submit new ports and do that work, and become a port maintainer. And I benefit by clearing my backlog.

Feel free to boost, spread around, etc.

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