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U​.​S. Senate: Join Sen. Sanders, Sen. Durbin, Rep. Ilhan Omar in Call for Global Virus Crisis Response - Sign the Petition!

Workers of a digital world unite to advance privacy, dignity and autonomy!

This May Day, IFF and a diverse group of individuals and organizations write to the government to ensure that privacy, dignity and autonomy of workers is not compromised during the COVID-19 crisis.

Border wall construction in a pandemic poses a life-threatening danger to border communities. If the government keeps sending construction crews & agents to survey people's homes, the risk of spreading increases.

Sign the petition:

I just gave to @FeedingAmerica which converts $1 into 10 meals. Join me and give meals to hungry families!

FedEx, Amazon respond to employee complaints during COVID-19

, demonstrate their lack of leadership and nimbleness in adapting to the conditions of a crisis.

A Nurse Bought Protective Supplies for Her Colleagues Using GoFundMe. The Hospital Suspended Her. — ProPublica

She raised more than $12,000 to buy and distribute protective gear for her colleagues, who say they felt inadequately protected against COVID-19. How a confrontation in one of the nation’s Coronavirus hotspots illustrates a troubling national trend.

The cost excluded from "economic efficiency" may now be incurred by those who exclude it.

Some in N.Y.C. Can't Afford to Quarantine. So They Brave the Subway - The New York Times -

URGENT: governments are exploiting fear to take away our . Sign the petition to world leaders: stop using the virus to justify more and . via @fightfortheftr

and pose a serious threat in spreading . If we want to fight this pandemic, we must release the elderly and sick from the criminal legal system. Add your name:

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"I don't care about coronavirus because I'm young and healthy" | Doctor sounds off about COVID-19

Game dev union leader: “Dream job” passion “can open us up to exploitation”

Amid CWA partnership, union drive is "further along than any previous efforts."

TW rape: 19-yr-old Dalit girl was raped and murdered in Gujarat. Ask for suspension of the officer who did not file the FIR:

Presenting: ShoeTool -- Happy Holidays from the — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software

For USA folks: The bipartisan can be heard on full Congress’ floor this month. TAKE ACTION & tell your rep to vote YES on critical bill that provides a path to legal status for farm nationwide.

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