I currently haven't got much to post, so I'll share a video of my motorcycle trip which included the lunch encounter with @codewiz

@5tr34k_ Follow @ilwoody, @lubimaer, @mk8 (torello) and...

...well, just peek at my follow list and add anyone who seems interesting. It's totally free! You can remove them at any time if you find out their posts aren't interesting after all.

@5tr34k_ @ilwoody @lubimaer @mk8 Another tip is adding a column with a query for tags you like. Mine are:

I heard that currently Mastodon will only consider the first N tags (N=5 iirc) due to an issue with query performance.

@codewiz @5tr34k_ @ilwoody @lubimaer Searches (including for tags) are limited to the posts that your instance has seen (i.e. posted on your instance or followed/replied to/... by somebody on your instance).

There have been a few projects to build search engines for the Fediverse but somehow all projects I find are now abandoned.

@patrick @5tr34k_ @codewiz @ilwoody does that mean if I'm on the "art" server I'm going to have more access to art content more than technical content?


@lubimaer @patrick @codewiz @ilwoody this means that I have to hop on the train server 🤣

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