Ah yes, I forgot - I'm building a model of the Toblerone Express:

And again, more clockwork dragon.
Current background music: Atom TM - Ich bin meine Maschine

Haven't posted in a while because life reasons, so to compensate I'm showing tonight's effort on painting the clockwork dragon (still a couple aeons away from being finished...)

Setting up for some modular action while travelling..

I've always been a Commodore fan kid back in the days, but I can only recognize the engineering genius that was Sir Clive Sinclair - RIP


@codewiz you did it! Congratulations from me and the family :)

The first draft of the interiors with the nearly correct measures and their fitting on the Bda 2/2 body.

Bda 2/2 out of supports (removed those without particular care, this isn't the final print anyway)

More pictures of the Bda 2/2, still on the supports but after washing with IPA

Further work on the Meiringen - Innertkirchen battery railcar Bda 2/2 in 1/87. After some "fine tuning" of the side tickness, it now printed well - and the interiors are fitting quite as expected. I will have to reduce the interiors of a couple tenth of millimeter, because I forgot to take the resin expansion into account :p but I am quite satisfied

@codewiz according to your experience, it appears they trashed their own book as well...

@codewiz interesting first hand information about the evolution of a company. Unluckily my company has the same attitude as your previous employer, but never moved away from the hierarchical company structure ever.

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@codewiz @ilwoody @lubimaer @patrick is it difficult to set up your own Mastodon instance and federate it?

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And what happens if life (or better, your 3D printer) gives you a failed print?
Stay tuned and you'll find out..

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