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@codewiz looks like you've got connectivity over Nunavut

Went to the swiss transportation museum in Lucerne today, me and @codewiz met an old friend...

@ilwoody @patrick @lubimaer @codewiz talking about clients, is there a decent one for Android?

Since I mentioned I am into scale modeling and 3D printing, here is today's print - the interior of a swiss battery-powered railcar (Bda 2/2, produced by SIG and Sécheron in 1946) of the Meiringen - Innertkirchen Bahn.

Model scale is 1/87 (continental Europe H0). This is a test print to check dimensional tolerances, hence the "topographic" effect.
The rest of the railcar is being designed as I write.

@codewiz I'm still sharing my location with you 🤣

@codewiz @Maryam I am still living in Switzerland, I didn't relocate somewhere else in the past 48h 🤣🤣🤣

@Dashtop yes.. and no. This dates back to IRC and nickname stealing..

@[email protected] @codewiz thanks, still trying to understand how the whole thing works :)

Hello all,
I'm Alex, AKA Steak (and stylized as 5tr34k_).
@codewiz brought me here and I am still exploring what this is all about.

Quick facts about me:
- IT solution architect by day
- 3D designer and printer by night
- I ride a motorcycle
- I enjoy scale modelling
- In my previous life I was a musician
- general nerd/geek for all things tech/science
- board game and RPG geek
- old school trekkie
- it/en/de spoken (un peu de fr aussi)

I'll put this blurb in my profile too :D

@Dashtop @codewiz
AFAIK it's Google Maps "manipulated" with topographic data from Esri - the app is Relive

I currently haven't got much to post, so I'll share a video of my motorcycle trip which included the lunch encounter with @codewiz

@codewiz are you going on top of the Jungfrau today?

So, thanks to @codewiz I decided to join Mastodon in here. Let's see how it rolls...


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