So after Twitch, which itself is owned my Amazon, bought Curse after that has assimilated the Minecraft Forums and Feed The Beast, forcing everyone to use their Twitch Launcher, this happened:

I think the wording is a bit unfortunate. I not only "can" merge accounts, I have NO OTHER CHOICE when logged in.

When this likely happens to CurseForge next, I guess Wearable Backpacks will not be updated there anymore.

@copygirl I can somewhat understand it though. Having multiple login services that need to be maintained within a company can be a risk. A security issue addressed in one of them may not have been addressed in the other system. Similarly, certain components such as 2-factor-authentication, but also plain login, require resources that you would rather not duplicate (in case of sms services), extra servers, databases.

From a business standpoint performing this action makes total sense.


@copygirl The issue this approach creates however is a problem regarding privacy. By no longer having separate accounts for separate services, combining data from multiple services for things such as advertising is now very trivial (as opposed to still having to find matches in the case of multiple accounts). Regarding how manipulative uses of data are becoming the norm, this kind of thing is quite worrisome for the end-user.

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@8uurg If you own both services, you can just compare emails anyway.

@copygirl That will probably give you a lot of initial matches indeed, so it is more of a triviality. But there are always people that have their own domain name and give each service their own email, so you might miss some matches still. Having the same account there just makes it easier, which is what makes it somewhat problematic.

@8uurg Nowadays matching people is so easy with the amount of data available. Cookies, IP, browser version, plugins, screen and window size, common sections / pages you visit, ... I'm sure if it means it'll increase revenue, it's something they're making use of.

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