@copygirl I can recommend using KeePassXC's SSH agent integration!

@vic While I can understand this, allowing = in both cases would allow for the common error of using = instead of ==, which in a language used by beginning programmers like Python could be somewhat of an issue. Conversely, you cannot change the assignment operator without breaking backwards compatibility and creating a Python 4, which would very much be an issue in and of itself. Yet allowing assignment in this place is still useful, as it would reduce scoping issues.

@copygirl Huh! Neat! I always ended up with an U shape, covering all but one side.

@angristan -p <path_to_compile_commands.json>
and --export-fixes=output.yaml are quite useful.

@angristan There is also an RFC for making it the official language server (github.com/rust-lang/rfcs/blob) but it may take a while before the actual official change is made.

@angristan RLS is based off using the compiler for all the information neccesary (and is therefore the most stable and insensitive to the introduction of new language features), whereas rust-analyser is (was?) the new approach which does a lot of things incrementially (and ended up re-implementing parts of the compiler, which will likely get contributed upstream at some point). They ended up dropping the "experimental" part of their name a few days ago: reddit.com/r/rust/comments/mfp

@angristan Getting away from Adobe and using an alternative might be the only way to avoid this from happening...

@vic NVME ssds are really fast. Though the difference with a normal SSD might not be too noticeable in many cases.

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lofi hip hop beats to study/relax to got briefly taken down and it resulted in the single longest video on youtube. That VOD is 548 days long.


@angristan They don't use semver though: The first two digits of the version are the postgres version. With the last digit being their own versioning.

@ticky Might also be a tap. A terribly engineered one, but a tap nonetheless.

```SELECT * FROM track JOIN (<first query here>) as listenings ON track.id = listenings.track``` ?

Apparently you can type emoji in windows by using 'WIN + .' 🤔

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