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@angristan There is also an RFC for making it the official language server ( but it may take a while before the actual official change is made.

@angristan RLS is based off using the compiler for all the information neccesary (and is therefore the most stable and insensitive to the introduction of new language features), whereas rust-analyser is (was?) the new approach which does a lot of things incrementially (and ended up re-implementing parts of the compiler, which will likely get contributed upstream at some point). They ended up dropping the "experimental" part of their name a few days ago:

@angristan Getting away from Adobe and using an alternative might be the only way to avoid this from happening...

@vic NVME ssds are really fast. Though the difference with a normal SSD might not be too noticeable in many cases.

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lofi hip hop beats to study/relax to got briefly taken down and it resulted in the single longest video on youtube. That VOD is 548 days long.


@angristan They don't use semver though: The first two digits of the version are the postgres version. With the last digit being their own versioning.

@ticky Might also be a tap. A terribly engineered one, but a tap nonetheless.

```SELECT * FROM track JOIN (<first query here>) as listenings ON = listenings.track``` ?

Apparently you can type emoji in windows by using 'WIN + .' 🤔

@racuna Nothing in the changelog atleast. Only an unresolved bug that people from the US may want to take into account:
"After disabling Sponsored Stories from the New Tab page settings, the next opened tab may still show a sponsored tile"

@racuna I guess
"Pocket Sponsored Stories will appear for a percentage of users in the US. Read about our privacy-conscious approach to sponsored content"

I figured I probably should set an avatar - and apparently also get some sleep.

@copygirl That will probably give you a lot of initial matches indeed, so it is more of a triviality. But there are always people that have their own domain name and give each service their own email, so you might miss some matches still. Having the same account there just makes it easier, which is what makes it somewhat problematic.

@copygirl The issue this approach creates however is a problem regarding privacy. By no longer having separate accounts for separate services, combining data from multiple services for things such as advertising is now very trivial (as opposed to still having to find matches in the case of multiple accounts). Regarding how manipulative uses of data are becoming the norm, this kind of thing is quite worrisome for the end-user.

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