Gin gonic seems like a great tool for my next project: Ginseng 🍵

I just signed this letter in support of Richard Stallman and his reinstatement in the @[email protected]

If you think the canceling of people has gone too far and that the far left movement asking for his second resignation doesn't represent the GNU/Linux community sign it too here:

After spending a lot of time using both dar and light themes I am confident in saying that light themes are actually easier on my eyes especially when spending a lot of time in front of a screen.

I just realized I'm 15 videos ahead in my scheduling, I have a problem

Self-hoster's diary. Streaming music from Nextcloud.

As it turns out streaming music is very easy with a Nextcloud instance. The Nextcloud music app comes with an embedded subsonic servers and Android has a plethora of apps yo stream from subsonic.

You can always doenload the music you want to listen to while offline and play it with a FOSS music player like Pulse Music. This is one of the best looking music apps I've seen in a while.

Do you like my latest work of art. I've spent a really long time on it. I don't know like, 10 minutes or so #Linux

I've setup my system to replace duplicity with borgbackup, after doing a bunch of research and writing scripts. Going to run them concurrently for now. Here's the results of my research and initial testing.

-Pro: deduplication
-Pro: lots of compression support, including zstd
-Pro: mounting archives without extraction
-Con: requires borg installation on remote server
-Con: only supports local and SSH

-Pro: supports lots of protocols including various cloud storage providers
-Pro: no remote dependencies
-Pro: packaged by cygwin, borgbackup only has experimental WSL support
-Con: issues with pruning, incremental/full-backup rotation isn't handled gracefully
-Con: gzip only
-Con: the command-line utility just seems more janky than BorgBackup

Remember videos rarely got over 10 views on #LBRY and most videos didn't even have any at all. Those days are no more, this platform now has an actual userbase and most of my content gets over 600 views, with a few brushing 1000. Get in while it's still early #Odysee

It' sad seeing Ethereum projects trying to attract new clients. The small time investors don't have a gazillion dollars to spend on gas. They're cool projects, that's what makes it so sad. Only the rich people afford to use this network right now, it's rich men's blockchain.

I've found out why I can't see DT on the mastodon instance I'm on, it's because the admin's don't like him. Time to move

Are you people still using Ethereum? If yes, how do you manage to get anything done with the high gas fees? I'm keeping an eye on the gas for a few days now because I want to exchange some tokens, but I can't pay $100+ in fees

It's important to be mindful of the programs you use. Stop using something just because your friends and family do. We all know how to eat healthy, but when it comes to the digital space we all stuff our mouths with junk food (read software).

I mean they're not wrong. Streaming just ends up costing you unlimited money

I'm not going to be one of those that say how much better it is to have your own cloud. I kind of miss Spotify and all, but I'm not transitioning away for something easier, but something better. I've got to say NextCloud makes the process of owning your data really painless, they've stricken a balance between privacy and usability

I like @BrodieOnLinux, I discovered him first through LBRY. Today I was recommended one of his YouTube videos and I've been aware he has a YouTube channel for quite some time, but I refuse to subscribe on principle. I have 4 channels I'm subscribed to and I don't like encouraging people to stay on the platform. So, I'm sorry Brodie, I'll give you a tip on LBRY to meke up for that 😂😂😂

Streaming music from my NextCloud is actually a much pleasant experience than using Spotify. Having a VPS with high speed Internet helps a lot

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