So does anyone know why the big Linux distros all use Gnome?

Intel Is Pushing For 1984-Style Revision Of Words Allowed In Linux Kernel Development And Documentation. Terms like master/slave are on the new-speak chopping block.

When are we going to remove terms like mansplaining? I don't feel it's inclusive enough. Maybe we can call it peoplesplaining? :ban:

Brave citizens are out demonstrating today despite a new draconian

Police are acting very brutal and uncivilized and using brute force against many protestors.

Attributes I admire in a few cultures:

British: best humor & best accents
American: creative, artistic, extraordinarily diverse
Russian: beautiful and rugged, & most sophisticated cursing
Japanese: clean, sophisticated
Indian: ancient, wise & lots of vegetarian food

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The Manjaro :manjaro: users out there. Which version are you running and why? Thinking about installing the XFCE version :blobthinkingcool:

So, I tested UbuntuDDE in a vm. It doesn't work well at all. Entering the file manager results in an unrecoverable black screen. I also have to log in twice to enter the desktop, there are numerous visual glitches and artifacts as well as some settings not being applied on first try, like desktop resolution.

Those problems are not present on other Ubuntu spins I've tested, Ubuntu Budgie and Kubuntu.

Tasks is the most complete and the best design task management open source application I have ever seen. It's honestly better than most paid or freemium apps out there.

Congratulations to the developer, Alex Baker, for putting an immense amount of work into such an awesome product. Open-source To-Do Lists & Reminders (Fork of Astrid Tasks & To-Do List) -

Microsoft employees don't look 

Time for honesty, when is the last time you installed a Windows OS and when is the last time you paid for the license?

Mine are: Last Year and NaN

So yeah, don't "Stop Using Dark Mode" but stop making bad ones and forcing it on everyone.

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this is my point:

I'm affected by this. dark themes with high contrast (so not mastodon or twitter) makes it very difficult for me to read things. "AMOLED" dark themes are unusable for me.

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I was told to never tell lies, but look ma' it's working

Let the battle commence!

A lot of people took very strong stands on the issue, on opposite sides.

No matter what happens, a lot of people are going to end up being mistaken.

Everyone makes mistakes. Try to be graceful and forgiving.

How it feels like when everybody out there is installing the new Ubuntu / Pop_OS / Fedora version, when you've been running the same Manjaro installation for over a year now.

Masto admins using cloudflare, add this firewall rule to protect your instance from the recent bot registration wave:

(ip.geoip.asnum eq 36352) or (ip.geoip.asnum eq 46844) or (ip.geoip.asnum eq 200557) or (ip.geoip.asnum eq 8100)

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