Can someone recommend a good iOS client for Mastodon?

Dear Tootdon users,

We decided to end the service of Tootdon for iOS / Android on July 7, 2019, in consideration of the usage situation of the app.

We sincerely apologize to the customers who enjoyed it, but thank you for your understanding.

You can continue to use the mastdon instance currently in use from Tootdon by accessing the website of that instance with Safari or Chrome browser, or using a client application other than Tootdon.

Hey friends, I'm looking for work.
If you need sounds and music for film, television, or #gamedev, please feel free to say hi.


#gameaudio #mastoart #mastojobs

Cruelty to invertebrates 

‪As a child, I once found a beached jellyfish. It was brown and transparent and the same size and shape as a pancake. Out of curiosity, I poked it with a sharp stick to feel the texture (it was tough like rubber).‬

This episode sometimes comes back to haunt me—how could I be sure it was already dead? What if, in its dying moments I was causing it even more pain?

30 years ago, when you joined IRC, you didn’t have to decide which network to connect to. Everything was a single network. But soon enough, disagreements gave rise to separate networks.

Talks on my timeline about defederating “rogue” instances makes me think that one day, maybe years from now, history will repeat itself. Such is the nature of decentralised anything, I guess.

I want to set up something that's actually called "Birdsite" just to confuse people.

Maybe a Mastadon instance called bird.site

Newbie question. Is the real name of the bird site actually taboo on here, or are you just being cute?


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