I trust the Quadrature du Net far more than every other instance. Particularly for the freedom of speech.
So I am migrating to there instance.

My new account is mamot.fr/@Astyan if you want to follow me.

A big thank you to all the work the Quadrature du Net do in politic to protect Internet and freedom of speech and for creating there instance.

Thank to @angristan for the Mastodon instance I leave. It's technically I very good instance but I trust more the QDN politically.

Des historien.ne.s / historien.ne.s des sciences par ici ?

@RouxTln pas vraiment, mais je vais probablement partager des liens vers de la vulgarisation si ca t'interesse

"Using your solution, this person has to add all of them to the blocklist. And then they jump to another server and she has to do it again. And again. And again."

Non understanding of the solution proposed. Either you are intellectually dishonest or my english is so bad I don't succed to explain the solution correctly.

In either way continuing talking is useless. I stop the discussion here.
Have a good day.

So I know a lot of the people that say that it's okay to punch nazis, and almost all of the ones I know would not, I believe, actually punch a nazi. So I guess what they're hoping for is an ability to out-source the nazi-punching service to someone else. And I'm like, who would I trust with that?

@angristan I have some glitch in the interface, is it due to the server load ?

@nicolai Even if we don't share the same premiss, I also disagree with your conclusion. I think with the process I explain they will be more protected and less bullied than with the processes you and your friend explain.

There is no agreement whatsoever. Your friend doesn't even agree on the simplest stuff : differents peoples want differents legitimate things and some people fell harass for some stuff other peoples wouldn't feel harass.

Clearly we live in a different world.

@nicolai I wrote the process on github github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ maybe you didn't fully understood it or maybe you have legitimate concern.

Either way github have no character limit so I think you will get a better grasp on it and be able to write your concern too.

I made I new issue on the Mastodon github to share an alternative system to the Code of Conduct : github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

[FR] 1 follower de plus et j'en ai autant ici que sur l'oiseau bleu

[EN] 1 more follower and I have the same amount here than on the blue bird

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