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having anxiety is having to learn things myself at home cause the work/school place triggers it and doesn’t allow me to absorb a single thought 😡

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Hovercards are now available in timelines, and will rollout to other places soon! 🥳

We're finishing up custom emoji and the portfolio features, they are expected to ship this week. #pixelfed

after taking a year for my mental health and feeling late to the game i’m finally getting my life somewhat together ?? 😭

i’m so tired , iron deficiency is that u


i’m so grateful for therapy 🥲i’m looking back at pics of when i was a kid and realising i’m starting to be more like i used to again. this sounds way too dramatic anyway yay :aww:

just had my second driving lesson and i think i’m in love with driving :miyano_yay:

wait new bowie album ?? how did i miss this


this day is gonna be great i got the world at my feet im on top of the world nothing can stop me

personal manifesting 

i’m amazing i’m amazing i’m amazing

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