So Ash finally wins the League after 22 years and the next season includes all generations plus is simply being called like the original season, no subtitle.

Looks like we are heading into hard reboot territory.

New video uploaded to @[email protected]: September 2019 | Nintendo Direct Reaction | CosiCast LIVE

New video uploaded to @[email protected]: Nintendo, Xbox, Stadia, Opening Night Live, and More | gamescom 2019 | CosiCast LIVE

New video uploaded to @[email protected]: Episode 1: The Beginning | Cast Chat [Season 0]

Just a heads up, my Discord account got banned so if you want to contact me, DM for more info.

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How did i forgot to posted this render poster i made last month?! i'm so...bad😅

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You can dislike the Epic Game Store, I can understand that. However I don't think it's okay to go after developers on the store. Epic is doing good by offering a huge payment to devs who otherwise might not see that kind of income.

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Richter pulls a prankter.
(Not Pictured: Richter losing his mind and getting kebabbed)

New video uploaded to @[email protected]: Just fixed my PC, time for some Jams! | Audiosurf 2 [Requests Open]

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