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RT @ZebraToastArt@twitter.com: Across the world, artists are posting stuff to celebrate the release of the new Smash Bros, and here I am, still drawing Hat Kid and honestly just living my best life @HatInTime@twitter.com

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The Eternal Jukebox just got a massive overhaul and it's currently live for testing at rewrite.abimon.org. I worked on the frontend redesign while the Reddit user who made the site UnderMybrella_ redid the backend to hopefully be more stable and resolve a lot of the issues.

We would love some feedback, especially if there's bugs, on the GitHub (github.com/UnderMybrella/Etern) or Discord (discord.gg/KWN5BfD) mstdn.io/media/or2CNSA59yT5KCc

Nothing like forgetting to use a site for 5 months! 😂

Let's not do that again :P

@BryanLunduke Unsure about most followed users but you can see the total number of users here if that helps: instances.mastodon.xyz/

@Euphoria basically (going by what I found online, may or may not be 100% fact, going to just stay neutral about this whole thing):

1. Leo banned John C. Dvorak from TWiT
2. Dvorak is one of the hosts of No Agenda
3. A lot of No Agenda fans have boycotted TWiT and Leo
4. So a lot of people following Leo from No Agenda's instance could be a sign of people preparing to threaten Leo.


J'adore cette image, c'est mon fond d'écran. #Undertale. En même temps cela vient d'un jeu formidable.

Posted one status that was the test toot for and instantly got 4 follows, 2 faves, and 2 boosts :joy:

I just installed Tooter, a browser extension for adding Toot to Mastodon buttons to the web github.com/ineffyble/tooter

I've written 'toot', a very simple command-line utility to allow Mastodon posts to be sent from the command-line: npmjs.com/package/toot

@leo @aral @aral @dredmorbius

I think that's a good approach. Anybody on the official TWiT Mastodon would be an employee (basically verifying that it is the actual TWiT host) and then people would follow them from there on their own instance (self hosted or a public one).

Since PMs only work between people on the same instance, that could also work for inter-team communication on the same platform as outside communication to fans.

Now entering the ! Glad to join !

I'm just your average (almost) 20 year old who loves Tech, Music, Anime, and more.

I make videos on YouTube and the character below is my channel mascot Cosmcala Vela.



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