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Nintendo Switch-Chan in 90's anime aesthetic 💙❤️

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Seems there's a Blizzard on the horizon this morning

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Caught someone staring me down through the kitchen window

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아침에 그린건데 맘에안들어서 휴지통에갖다버릴뻔

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I tried something new today

Tell me if you want more of this

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New costume concept made by @CakeHcr !
Frost Kid has been modeled and released on the Steam workshop!

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I can’t believe this is a Minecraft screenshot...some people’s skills are just insane

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animation twitter opening the app today

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I know there are much bigger problems but I can’t believe video games are still doing underwater levels.

Hey gang: we’ve never liked them.

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I've updated my @OBSProject Troubleshooting Flowchart. This update adds more/clarifies testing steps for Dropped Frames, adds a note about "Simple" output mode, re-prioritizes steps for solving encoder overload, and more.

Hi-res PDF available at 👉

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I don't want to say that the new Animal Crossing theme in Tetris 99 is awful, but I can't... not say it

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Time for a repost!
I can't believe Kirby is 28 years old. The poyo thing is older than me.

(Star Allies are broken, please nerf)

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An unintentional shortcut in Metallic Madness Act 2 in Sonic CD, which allows you to finish the level in just over 30 seconds

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그냥 한복 입은 햇키드가 보고싶었다ㅋㅋㅋ
I wish to get better at 3D so I can make whatever I want.🙄

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