Those are two of the best posts I've seen on a social network in a very long time.
Huge respect for the admin of standing up for the users after being asked about blocking an instance.

You other admins can take note, this is the way to go.

@Btqcu734VUY5f3z was this recent? gab doesn't even federate anymore.
@Btqcu734VUY5f3z Yeah, this seems antiquated. Good to know they have this stance tho~
@Btqcu734VUY5f3z Wow those are some nazi opinions. I wonder what mental gymnastics fediblock will do to say he's somehow wrong here

@Btqcu734VUY5f3z Gab doesn't federate anymore by the way.I blocked them back then but now I agree that block everyone and everything is not the correct solution so I unblocked them.

@nipos I think you're doing the right thing. And I really don't like Gab either, but fortunately I have the appropriate tools to block them by myself.
It would seem more justified to me to block the node for invasion of privacy (Google Analytics) than to block an instance for ideological reasons.
However, if Gab's members start trolling a certain instance, then I do see the blocking as justified.

@Btqcu734VUY5f3z Yes,I also don't like the ideology of most Gab users but I really enjoy how they attack the Birdsite recently as I see BigTech with its nearly unlimited power and many privacy violations as a much bigger issue.And as I said,Gab doesn't federate anymore anyway so keeping it blocked is just a waste of database storage.

The fact is we already have the tools on a user level to do this ourselves. Why wouldn't people want to be in control of their own experience!?

@lps @Btqcu734VUY5f3z I 100% agree,it's better to give the choice to the user.

@lps @nipos Well, I think it makes sense for a very specific/niche instance to block some communities because there's gonna be unanimity among its users. I guess.
But the posts from that capture came as a result of requests from other instance admins with a rather varied and generalist audience (for the most part). Which makes absolutely no sense.

This is "my" point, I can't decide for someone else where their line is. Unfortunately there can be no concencus, we have different biases, different experiences, different sensibilities. IMHO we need to take our own responsibility, no one else. If not, it becomes a slippery slope very quickly. I don't want to be locked behind the great fediverse firewall. Just my 2 cents, you don't need to agree;)

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