So recently Pavel Durov :telegram: answered a question about making server-side code open. This is what he said. Blatant lies?

Here some people who do not understand the values of libertarianism.
Let's be clear: entering the Capitol with weapons by force IS NOT FREEDOM. It's the exact opposite.

A personal GOTY list since 1985 from a random guy on the internet.


The cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) is probably the only good door to financial freedom we have right now. I'm sad that it'll never be a thing since governments are gonna fight against it.
A world where everyone can be their own bank with absolute freedom and privacy is going away.

Ministerio de Igualdad recogiendo fotos "de por ahí" para hacer su particular propaganda. Baia baia.

Those are two of the best posts I've seen on a social network in a very long time.
Huge respect for the admin of standing up for the users after being asked about blocking an instance.

You other admins can take note, this is the way to go.

CD Projekt falling into the abyss. Good work guys, you're doing just fine.

💰 Esta es, probablemente, la única crítica al capitalismo que aceptaré en toda mi vida


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