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Hi 👋. I’m a 30-something polyamorous space pirate queen from Germany. I love gaming (mostly MMOs like or ), I own 2 super fluffy and I’m passionate about music, food, tea, social media, (bullet) journals, (iPhone only) and .
I’m also into & stuff and like to watch the occasional anime here and there. I like technical gadgets as well, but despite owning a 3d printer, I’m not a maker.
I write in English & German.

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Immer wenn Sputnik rummaunzt denke ich, er hat irgendwas weil er sonst ein eher stiller Kater ist während Akira gesprächiger ist. Allerdings hat sein Bruder gestern auch zum ersten Mal getretelt, was sonst nur Sputnik macht, von daher gucken die sich das wohl irgendwie voneinander ab 😅

Just bought some shiny new shoes I've been wanting for quite some time. Maybe I'm gonna leave the house more often now lol

I want/have to do so much stuff and all I do is chilling on the couch with my laptop and watching youtube videos from the last 5 oder 6 days...

OMG that little octopus emoji looks so cute in my browser asdfssdfsdds!! 😍

I also drank super tasty wine every night and all the “light” beverages aren’t just a super artificially sweetened alternative, they’re actually not that sweet at all.
Gawd I miss Italy already. 😔

So, I was in Italy for 5 days... My self made cappuccino doesn’t taste that good anymore, I’ll never be able to eat standard olives out of a jar again, I ate the most delicious cheese ever and I guess I won’t eat local pizza ever again.

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I’m now convinced there’s no one living in Australia

It’s all a ruse by spiders that have learned Photoshop, trying to lure tourists and eat them

One of those days where I’m hungry all the time 😱

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Off to bed I go. Good night, Tooties

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this is a picture of Betty Jean Jennings (left) and Fran Bilas in front of the ENIAC computer.

alongside a team of four other women, they invented such minor programming concepts as "subroutines" and "recursive nesting"

(LAYPERSON'S NOTE: this is sarcasm. these techniques are fundamental to programming.)

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