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All servers are equal, but some servers are more equal than others.

Late to bed and early to rise and my day is fucked.

i don't rly think federated git is necessary

all you need it self-hosted repos with a decentralised auth service and i mean gitea supports openid so what more do you need

no need to shoehorn activitypub into everything

Good day people. I wish you all a nice and productive day.

>mrw i realize that i might have to use non-free software to create svg animations

I am looking for a tool that allows me to easily create svg animations on linux. What would you guys recommend?

Why are people, who have no concept of server architecture, deployment and networking, attending a lecture where all these topics are important?

OH: "Well, so far the infinite monkey theorem is just giving us an infinite number of JavaScript frameworks, and no Shakespeare"

Thinking about creating a Cloud-Native group in my town. :docker: :kubernetes:

Listening to bavarian Hiphop. I have reached a peak in my lifetime.

A project ceases to be yours when you distribute it under a FOSS license. It now belongs to the community. You can lead it, but you no longer own it.

Even though the Librepay toot about Medium suspending their blog is several moths old by now this is a reminder that still stands:

▶️ Do not make yourself dependand on third parties.

▶️ Host as much as you can yourself

▶️ Pay for your products or you are the product (This does not prevent you from getting screwed over but it minimizes the risk)

▶️ Take care of your digital autonomy

Thinking about writing a bot for mastodon. But what would be considered useful?

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