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Our education has to be founded on free and opensource software. We can not let commercial interests dictate what and how and at what cost we learn.

So guys what do you say? One beefy server for all my projects? Or a whole bunch of smaller servers which are seperating all my projects into bite size pieces?

It's worth mentioning that I don't think RSS is dead by any means.

Daily reminder that the web is already decentralized. By design.

Do not let people sell you fance products to re-decentralize the web.

Centralisation is mostly happening because we belive or are told that there are no alternatives to centralised services.

My goto game of 2018 was Slay the Spire. If you have never heard about it: It is a dungeon crawler, combined with a deck building game.

I remember an article from a teacher in africa. He wrote about the problem that he wanted to use a specific software for his lecture but the problem was that no pc was powerful enough to run it. Why? Because the developers assumed that everybody has access to at least 2 cores and 8gb RAM. Ressources that weren't available at this school.

I recently thought about the ecological footprint of the cloud. We tend to use its ressources, rather wasteful. Webapp too slow? Spin up a second or third machine, or spin up a bigger one. Instead of improving our webapps we throw more ressources at it. But at what costs? Maybe we need to rethink software development. Writing efficient software has to become a priority again. The same applies for the desktop market. Write better software instead of throwing ressources at the problem.

A quick reminder: Biometric characteristics are never your secret. They are your identity. Never take something you cannot change and use it to authenticate yourself.

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I removed Google from my smartphone today. I was forced to install three apps from Google Play since they are not on . But this was accomplished using aurora instead of Google Play.

I recognized that a lot of apps require Firebase for notifications. So half of my apps have disabled battery optimization in order to process notifications...

Step one of setting up my home "cloud" was finished today. I bought my first Raspberry Pi 3 B+.
I set it up with a basic Raspbian and it is happily running docker on it. Over the time i will add more to the swarm.

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