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🎵 Planning a sprint, planning a sprint...

Dang it, i hate project management.

Struggeling with LaTeX is part of the LaTeX experience.

I had the time to eat this morning. I am impressed.

Free software advocates have no excuse for being on Medium, just don't

Oh boy, github is down again. If only we were using a decentralised cvs. Oh wait...

I pitched an idea for a new software project a few hours ago.
Now i made a first prototype.
Behold, the URL bloating service...

Have you ever looked at a shortened url and felt sick to the stomach because it wasn't bloated as your shiny new app? Fear not, now you can bloat your urls too, so that they accompany your need for bloated stuff. is free of charge right now

🏁 Future plans include:
* Premium Plans
* Electron based client

Disappear - Sidewalks and Skeletons

Pitch for a new software project:

An URL bloating service. Instead of shortening the URL the service is adding garbage to the generated URL, thus bloating it. Of course the service would provide a client written in electron.

Quick :archlinux: PSA:

If you are getting the following error while updating:

libutf8proc: /usr/lib/ exists in filesystem

use this command for updating instead:

pacman -Suy --overwrite usr/lib/


Mmh, i am thinking about migrating to a stateless password generator. Right now i am evaluating lesspass.

For the record: i love LaTeX, but everytime i am using it i ask myself if the result is worth the effort.

I am using Latex Beamer right now to crate a presentation. Why am i hating myself so much??

"IT security enthusiast"
Uses Windows
Pull the other one

Me trying to find an username which has not been taken...

Having my notification sound on my smartphone set to the "Increase Stress" Sound from Darkest Dungeon seems to be fitting in this day and age...