My bug of the day: If your stack-ne begins with a majuscel ir contains a space, portainer creates two stacks, with one over which you have no control.

Describe your perfect date in one sentence:


jüngling erhebe deine augen und schaue wen du dir wählest

‘You don’t have to be a genius to write fast programs. There’s no magic trick. The only thing required is not building on top of a huge pile of crap that modern toolchain is.’ This article on bloated software has strong words, but author does have a point

Now i need a few more daruma-alien-thingies to start my own invasion.

Someone in my office mutated my daruma into an alien.

I am trying to pick up some blender basics. Has anyone a good tutorial for me to start with? I have no experience with 3d software.

The announcement about crux, the package manager that does away with node_modules, reminds me of this meme I generated once:

I am still mad about the decentralisation article on the guardian. So much marketing bullshit. No, the blockchain won't magically solve all of our problems.

I wish "uses too much memory for what it does" was considered a bug by more programmers.

Thanks to @SirCmpwn i gave qemu a try. Why haven't i used it from the beginning?

What would be a good replacement for the programming language? :python:

When i order something online and it takes a month to be delivered...

To celebrate reaching more than 20,000 videos on #PeerTube (, we just released the beta 12!

Adds user subscriptions, videos overview page, keyboard shortcuts and many more!

Thanks to all contributors, instance admins, uploaders and viewers <3

I updated my today and auto-enrolled into an addon-study. What the flying fuck ?

It might be time to look for a new browser.

🎶 Let There Be Dark - Original Mix by Beico & MT93, Nicolas Taboda

Sometimes i have to boot Windows to do some work but keep needing my Arch to do some other things. Solution? Create a VM and mount your Arch partitions into it.

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