Okay guys. As mentioned before i am moving to my own instance. You can find me at @containsliquid

Feel free to follow me over there.

There are a few things i have to iron out while using Fedora Silverblue.

I think it might be time to host my own instance if mastodon or a similar activity in powered Microblog. Do you guys have recommendations for a small, non bloated implementation? Since I am not looking to start a community the implementation can be single-user.

I bought a fan today because the last days i was melting. Guess what, today is colder than the last few days. -.-

Remember guys: The 'S" in 'IoT' stands for 'Security'

I should start to work in atomic operations. Either what I am doing succeeds or it fails spectacularly.

Whew. I mean i am accustomed to high loads while deployment. But a program creating a load of 10 while running is something new. It looks like a lot of events got stuck in my rabbitmq and brought the system to a grinding halt.

We need a server-is-on-fire-but-pretending-everything-is-alright emoji

When was the last time I saw an average load of 10 on a server? :blobastonished:

Y'all should listen to Hannes Wiehager.

If you like minimal electro. 🎶

Planning to migrate my infrastructure from Docker to Podman.

The best twitch viewer setup: streamlink, mpv, IRC interface

So much more ressourcefriendly.

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