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If you think a company making a statement of support for is "informational violence", let me be clear: you are a human shit stain.

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Did I mention I'm 3 pints in? I hope this makes sense when I read it tomorrow.

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I guess it's the potential data that goes into making noise. If the data required for playback is optimal on the smallest circumference, then there would be no degradation.

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Does the quality of music on vinyl deteriorate as the LP plays? The rpm remains constant, but the circumference of the groove diminishes as the record plays. The data that goes into making noise each second must decline too, right? Sort of like an mp3 that starts out as 320 kbs but slowly declines to 128 kbs?

I told my kid about Toonces The Driving Cat and now she's ROFL watching it on YT

Remember the TrueCrypt guy? A real-life Bond villain.


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It only now occurs to me that not everyone immediately mutes Β―\_ (ツ)_/Β―

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$250K is a lot to pay someone if their accusation is untrue.


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