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I'm tired of RMS apologists STILL ranting about allegedly unfair treatment re: being taken to task for his opinions.
RMS chose to create a blog urging the world to heed his opinions on a laundry list of non-tech topics. Let me repeat that: RMS urged the world to follow his opinions on decidedly non-technical issues.
He and his supporters then object when he's called out for opinions that mark him as a pile of shit. Really?
Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

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If you think a company making a statement of support for is "informational violence", let me be clear: you are a human shit stain.

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If you're reading a product review that includes an affiliate link, it's nothing more than an advertisement.


I have a 7:30am meeting with my boss (CEO) tomorrow and I'm getting absolutely ripped tonight. As Arlo Guthrie says, I want to look and feel my best for it.

This is one of my favorite purchases of all time. Two hours of live traditional music recorded in a tavern.

Speed the Plough, Three Around Three, Jon's Polka, The Wonder Hornpipe, Manchester Hornpipe
by Jane Stokes and friends

A Friday afternoon all-hands meeting usually means bad news is coming.


Mike Tyson sells edibles called Mike Bites. :ablobgrimace:

Wordle 348 3/6


I understand the appeal of retro computing. I cut my teeth on those systems and have fond memories, but the thought of using them now just makes me think about how much electricity is wasted. You can emulate that computing power with a fraction of the juice.


I need some marshmallow circus peanuts. The craving hits about every ten years.

I'm surprised nobody has a picture of bald Elon for an avatar.

My wife decided we're getting take away from an Afghan restaurant to celebrate Mother's Day. I am very happy with this. 😋


I don't care if your grandma is an otherwise sweet old lady. A fascist is a fascist.

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I hear a lot of people say that most Americans are basically good people. Hogwash. Reminder that in 2020 most American voters either cast a ballot for a fascist or didn't think the outcome of the election was important enough to vote.
Most Americans are objectively horrible people.
Don't believe me? Wait for the results of the upcoming mid-term election. If the Dems don't score massive gains at every level of government, my theory will be validated.

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