Toot Toot - Long time since i posted anything!

Never have i ever experienced such a difficult problem with Microsoft Office before. I don't know how ChiliSecurity's support line, managed to fuck up my clients install so bad, that even Microsoft asked me if i could tell them how i fixed it, if i was able to.

- Couldn't fix, had to reinstall.

Aint got nothing good to say about Chili Security Denmark.

Autoplaying videos on websites should be banned by law. It's so damn annoying!

Just get rid of the Whois database. Most domain owners i know of, are using whois privacy tools anyway.

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Apparently Google is using RISC-V microcontrollers from the PULP project of ETH Zürich and University of Bologna in the Pixel Visual Core Image Processing Unit:

I love people getting mad about others not using NSFW or CW tags :D - Come on, its the internet, everything is 18+! Accept or get off da web! :D

What a great day to pull out the barbecue! Gotta whip up some good meat and fresh salad

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Introducing Spectrum: Extending Cloudflare To 65,533 More Ports uptime status:

A router has failed and is currently being replaced by our technicians. We expect our servers to be online within 2 hours.

Trouble connecting to

We are currently investigating network issues on our servers located in Amsterdam, NL.

Please stand by.

"We have received a request to permanently delete your account. Your account has been deactivated from the site and will be permanently deleted within 14 days."

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