I can’t find a single thing I dislike about Mastodon except how people keep referring to Twitter as the Bird Site.

For non Indian users here is a good article Although too positive but covers details of how India is behaving now

The shifting narrative: “India’s Narendra Modi has had a free pass from the west for too long”


Hello! I am Shailza, a lawyer from India. Currently doing my PhD at Uni of Exeter.

Here to checkout this new social media platform. Until now it's been nice. Feels like the restart of internet and interaction.

#introduction #india

1947 :: Maulana Azad Was India's First Minister of Education

Thanks @admin @angristan for adding Rational icons :ambedkar: :periyar: to your instance. @stux please consider of adding them to your instances too 😃

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In Kelvenmani massacre the devan caste men led 100s of people to burn dalits in houses. dalits went to court, the court said that is not possible the devan is a rich person and he would burn the house. So the judge acquits him.

According to eye witness accounts, on 25 December 1968, at around 10 p.m., the landlords and their 200 henchmen came in police lorries and surrounded the hutments, cutting off all routes of escape. The attackers shot at the labourers, mortally wounding two of them. 1/n

Hello world I'm Liam.

A little tired of the mainstream socials, so thought I'd check this out in search of something a little geekier and more on brand :)

I'm a longtime software engineer, currently super focussed on building my own company/products using mostly dotnet core, react, terraform and aws.

What's good?


#introduction #india I'm a computer programmer, community organiser and digital rights activist based in Bangalore, India.

Growing up as a lonely, bullied kid in the 90s, I found solace in books, computers, and later, the online world. In my quest to find belonging, never quite fulfilled, I've been involved with various communities over the year. A biography in toots:

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