After spending the last six weeks looking at data analytics and compiling major annual reports, I'm thinking I'd like to get into learning proper data visualization.

No clue where to start, just been wanting to go farther than what spreadsheets and databases offer me.

Then Munchkin Bites!

What a way to end a crazy long week.

Art therapy and dinner with friends from the States, not a terrible Saturday.

Possible new job title for me:

Bespoke Learning Excursion Designer

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I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Is it July yet?

@Geckonyc and I made Silken Tofu, Chickpea Tofu, Ankake Sauce, and Goma Dofu in cooking class today!

"Be a parent" they said... "it's so rewarding" they said...

Busy day in today, despite the weather.

Started the day with a gong bath, then on to coffee and stewed beans for lunch at African Coffee and Tea. Then we made a few rounds at the Vegetarian Food Expo for samples and caught up with the Greenpeace volunteers.

The kids are really hoping the Rainbow Warrior comes back to HK before we move. There should be more opportunities for kids to get engaged with meaningful projects in the world.

Overall, you made me (and I suspect all the outsiders) feel that this was something that was well organized and therefore would be good to participate in. I’m sure (last job) was sorry to lose you."

What a nice statement!

Starting today happy after a late event last night in an increasingly crappy and awful place to work.

Feedback from our guest moderator:
"I just wanted to let you know once again what a good job you did on the presentation tonight. You were extremely professional throughout, right from the first contact and all the way through to the end of the evening itself. Having worked at senior levels in the corporate world before, I know what good looks like. ...

This CNY, I helped make a collaboration painting on a rooftop on Lamma Island with my friends M and L. In fairness, M did a lot to reign in the crazy L and I laid down, but I love it!

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