now back to the pain of getting wacom set up on the kids laptops since some fuckery made the tablets unrecognizable on their machines after 4 months of use... 😫

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Adventures in wanting extra stuff on laptop continue..

Figured out that my battery lasts longer on than on and tablet set up was a breeze

Not sure why i don't love it though, maybe it was the pain of getting it all together and trying to set it up that made me switch back already..

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Google's got "a plan to build a more private web."
It's some good ideas, some bad ideas, some ugly ideas, and some ideas that just made us say "ugh."

Escalating violence in Hong Kong protests, mass shootings in the US again, and bombings in Thailand.

All my homes are crying.

i've been using for six months now and a light user off and on for say two years.. i've finally reached a point where i have to admit i know nothing about what i'm doing...

1 month countdown until we move to Thailand!
30 days until take off, but still 16 days at work...

1 of my 3 are back on after being locked into macOS for the past two years.

Having to pay full price for secondhand Macs in a poorly supported 1:1 program is something i hope to never deal with again.

Finished reading The Alienist, finally.

The TV show was WAY more perverse than the book. I think it's weird they wanted to make having sex with adolescents more relatable. Does that really make for a better story?

Avocado toast and a little coffee this morning at a cute, new cafe that just opened on the island.

Must not be sarcastic to passive aggressive texts from my boss at 10pm on the weekend...

Must not be overtly sarcastic to passive aggressive texts from my boss at 10pm on the weekend...

Must not answer my boss at 10pm on the weekend... ?

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A little self-promotion:

I just released the early access / beta version of my tabletop RPG, THIRSTY SWORD LESBIANS!

It's a feelings-focused game of crossing swords and falling in love, a celebration of queer power and affection!

If you're interested, please check it out at

Countdown- 83 days / 54 work days 

Maybe it's time to start updating my CV to find a new gig when we get settled. I'm terrible at resume/CV writing, but hiring a service to help seems wasted on my meager accomplishments.

Or maybe, I'll just hide in my flat and catch up on anime...

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This week, I will finish the process to enroll and go back and finish school this fall (I'm still ABT and it's been 2 years).

Spent a wonderful week in Borneo. Today, i was instantly sad again to arrive back at work and reminded that transparency and accountability are not values they will ever seek to possess... 😞

84 days to go

After spending the last six weeks looking at data analytics and compiling major annual reports, I'm thinking I'd like to get into learning proper data visualization.

No clue where to start, just been wanting to go farther than what spreadsheets and databases offer me.

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