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Programming principle #001:
Nothing is more permanent then a temporary hack

"...for nothing contributes so much to tranquillize the mind as a steady purpose..."
- Mary Wolfstoncraft Shelly in Frankenstein

/bin/true used to be an empty file. The shell would open it, do nothing, and exit with a true status code.

Julian Assange: Medium (CEO: Twitter co-founder Evan Williams) deletes the accounts and writings of US anti-establishment new right figures @Cernovich @JackPosobiec and @LauraLoomer in content control power grab

A guy trying to develop for Wayland: "It simply baffles me how at the age of information there's virtually no up-to-date development documentation of the biggest advancement in Linux GUIs since the 80's."

You learn a lot about a person by seeing what they read.


Trend Micro incorporates NMAP into their anti-virus, but I can't find any GPL information on their site or in their license. Is this a GPL violation?

Hey #webdev #devs webbing the #development things..

if you have mixed content HTTP *AND* HTTPS on your pages you are a numpty and your days are about to get more difficult.

New Chrome and Firefox implementations have you in sight. Add it to your TBD pronto like. Act now. Don't be a numpty.


Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) running UBports lead Unity 8 desktop!

The work in progress (alpha) swiftly keeps going forward. It's not ready for daily use yet but it's great to try out and please if you do, submit issues to the UBports developers.

Ubuntu fans who decline the now defaulted GNOME desktop, the day of the final release will be glorious & who knows what does Canonical do thereafter?

--> youtube.com/watch?v=7IcHPhBOyd
#Ubuntu #Linux #DE #desktop #Unity #UBports #progress #

2018 is the year the #Rustlang really focus on real-world #portability of the language. Nice example here from a startup based in France..

Rust #embedded on a #RaspberryPi running an #alternative to Amazon's #Alexa and #GoogleHome

Limited resources in such a small device often shows great limitations in a chosen language or framework. The CTO discusses learning Rust, the opportunities it created, and the importance of correct use of pointers and ownership on an #LLVM


How the Retina-X breach started: Teenshield APK had plaintext credentials for Rackspace containers used to store surveillance images for Net-Orbit, PhoneSheriff, and Teenshield

Yay #hackers:

A Hacker Has Wiped a Spyware Company’s Servers - motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

Shoutout to mastodon in the article! Honestly applaud this, there's no reason you should be able to see everything someone does on a phone without their consent

The Inception movie messed up my head really bad!

I was to read novel but don't have time to do so 😭 😭
I wanted this job very bad, now it is biting my ass