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"I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it"

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It is sad to see the pages you bookmarked just over few years ago, now gives 404.

Thanks to Sir Shit for WWW.

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We are a generation raised without parents, an upgrade from generation raised without father.

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Web Standard developers are masturbating monkeys who want to *rewrite* entire OS again in *browser*

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Hong Kong's fight against China for freedom indicates that people prefer Western type systematic-censorship over China's obvious-censorship

Btw, Brave browser now supports full sync - you can sync everything b/w browsers now - mobile/desktop. No need of login/registration.

It also comes with IPFS, Tor, BitTorrent, etc support.

Does not directly ping any Google service.

Perfect replacement of Google Chrome for both desktop and mobile

The Foundation and Announce Seven New Open Source Surveillance Projects to "Promote Racial Justice". They are asking developers and "ecosystem partners" to contribute to these projects by "adding their own diverse perspectives and expertise".

Just wait until there's an Nvidia press release "Saving the planet, one DRM lock at a time" getting boosted across the fedi by the New Left.

Computing hardware is expensive at the moment - luckily, by updating to #Nextcloud 21 you get a free hardware upgrade! @ZDNet covered our release, read more.

Does anybody on fedi knows how this feature in Brave browser works under the hood? I would like to know.

"Use Google services for push messaging"

Thanks in advance.

Cripples Proprietary Graphics Driver In Order To Sell Specialized Crypto-Mining Cards. This is what you get with proprietary graphics drivers, this is what Richard has warned us about for several decades.

Even to register global shortcut in MacOS, you have to install an app. fuck you apple, fuck you Steve Jobs.

I'm working for a big tech company in California. Yesterday all employees received an email from our security guys.

We have to deactivate all personal assistant gadgets (like Alexa) during worktime in the homeoffice.

They have evidence that these gadgets are recording audio from conference calls.

Nothing new to me but notable that I've got this order.

Better than Zoom and Google Meet: Try these Free Software powered video conferencing apps and services

For those who use the free version of LastPass, they’re going to limit your to just ONE device type starting in March.

Best to switch to Bitwarden, 1Password, KeePass, or Enpass.

Better yet, self-host or go local storage!

Developer exposes multiple scam apps on the App Store, some bringing in millions of dollars in revenue

Pandemic special: all of my recent eBooks are available for free - Common Lisp, Haskell, Hy lang, Java. topics: NLP, AI, Knowledge Graphs, deep learning, etc.

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