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Life is a gamble - you don't know how things will turn out even if you have good cards or play right. So if you are always going for surety you are not playing it right.

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We are a generation raised without parents, an upgrade from generation raised without father.

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Why Google will never kill Mozilla Firefox, but will keep it alive to be a second *choice*

On May 18 1998, US Dept. of Justice filled anti-trust law suit against Microsoft alleging anti-competitive measures in browser market.

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Web Standard developers are masturbating monkeys who want to *rewrite* entire OS again in *browser*

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Hong Kong's fight against China for freedom indicates that people prefer Western type systematic-censorship over China's obvious-censorship

“Do not wait to strike ’til the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”

– William Butler Yeats

“Better is bread with a happy heart
Than wealth with vexation.”

– Amenemope

“Happiness: a good bank account, a good cook and a good digestion.”

– Jean Jacques Rousseau

Architecture begins where engineering ends.

Damn, default settings of Vivaldi browser is loaded with Google services and search.

Amazon's webshit is falling over, and they couldn't post an update to their status page because pushing updates to their status page relies on the webshit that's falling over.


Great apes, including chimpanzees and orangutans, have absolutely no appreciation of music whatsoever. Research has shown they can’t tell the difference between Beethoven and Bieber, and that music is all just meaningless sound to them.

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The US government imposed a livestock reduction on the Navajo in the 1930s. They bulldozed trenches,herded sheep and goats into them, coated them in flammable liquid, and burned them alive. They were promised land expansion that never materialized. From...

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Measure what is measurable, make measurable what is not.

-- Galileo

Wow, switching to MuQSS CPU scheduler made my KDE desktop very much response when CPU usage goes above 50% in all cores.
But apparently mainstream Linux kernel does not come with this scheduler - I have a question for Linus Torvalds - if you still want desktop (instead of server) then why the fuck this scheduler isn't merged into mainstream kernel?

Elixir has quirky support with all popular databases like Postgresql, MongoDB.

Advertising is just spam that someone paid money for

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