and for the most bullshit reason ever: "..developers feel that trackers are going to track, so you might as well offer a solution that provides better performance."

@EdwardTorvalds ... should be trivial to write a plugin that intercepts all pages and strips ping attributes from links... or better, floods them with nonsense.

you don't have to. ublock origin does that :-) (can be used until Firefox allows to disable the feature).
Anyway, adblockers will find a way to intercept the request and block them.

@EdwardTorvalds We shouldn't have to fight uphill for this kind of thing; this ping attribute is just a way to save them writing javascript to do thew same thing.

We need to get past the browser, because this shit is only going to get worse and stupider, especially now that Google is the defacto monopoly on browsers. (yes, Firefox, but for how much longer?)

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