@EdwardTorvalds This looks like CNN tore apart a press release, tried to apply political spin on it, and couldn't find any, and then just regurgitated some of the parts in grammatically correct sentences. I can't make sense of it.

What are the features and use-cases of this Indian "microprocessor"? Is it being manufactured in bulk? For how much?

@EdwardTorvalds Sorry. I found the meat sandwiched in the middle of a bunch of bullshit.

> AJIT’s features can be compared to many of the microprocessors of its size available in today’s market...
> will cost as less as ₹100 when it is produced en-masse...
> clock speeds between 70-120MHz

So... It's like a low-powered ARM processor, but hella cheap.

It is beginning of breaking monopoly of chip makers in West...

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