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What type of base do you prefer for your desktop Linux OS?

@EdwardTorvalds debian and ubuntu are quite different experiences imho. also debian stable can be quite old compared to ubuntu. also i would never dare to put rhel (enterprise) and fedora (rolling distro) on the same level

@da_habakuk right, I did not meant them to be exactly same but rather of same family

@sesivany but it releases are I think much faster then say LTS version of Ubuntu right?

@sesivany @EdwardTorvalds ehm. (fedora) rawhide is a rolling release distro. but fedora has also releases every 6 months. but yeah living with rhel&debian stable 6months is quite rollin' for me ;)

@da_habakuk @sesivany @EdwardTorvalds I've been following Rawhide on and off for years. Its rolling nature was never the issue. The main issues I had were RPM Fusion packages being out of sync (they got better at rebuilding them quickly, but not quickly enough) and a few packagers who thought it was ok to push known-broken updates because "rawhide isn't supposed to be stable all the time". This is the mindset that pushed me to .

@georgia I skipped the minority because mastodon does not allow more than 4 options, sorry

@sjw I think Debian and Ubuntu combined are most popular

@EdwardTorvalds And that matters why exactly? It doesn't make it correct. Windows is the most popular desktop operating system does that mean it's the best or even good? No, it does not. Most people are dumb and make poor decisions :jahy_uwu:

@sjw I was just saying about usage pattern, not comparing based on their strengths and weaknesses. Yes, windows suck, Bill Gates need to jump from large building

@EdwardTorvalds I'd have picked devuan if it'd been available but sure

@EdwardTorvalds Debian and Ubuntu should be split. Ubuntu is used by many "first time users" but Debian is on opposite scale of the users (and would not expect bit penetration).


I tried a lot of Linux-Distributions but Debian is for me the best.


Because you wrote Debian/Ubuntu: Why you didn't mention Manjaro after Arch ?

@alinka Manjaro is just Arch Linux 'managed' for non-technical users.
But Debian and Ubuntu differ a lot.


yes, of course. Therefore I felt a bit irritated about "Debian or Ubuntu"

@alinka mastodon does not allow more than 4 options for poll

@alinka that is the beautify of Linux distributions, they are made to suit wide range of users 🙂

@EdwardTorvalds no Linux Mint is not Ubuntu ;D is only Ubuntu base ;D

@lioh sadly, Mastodon does not give more than 4 options for the poll

Debian and Ubuntu as the same choice, altough they are very different 🤔

@EdwardTorvalds would not combine Debian and Ubuntu in such a poll...too different

It is, but they aren't the same. There are good reasons to use either the one or another

@EdwardTorvalds I still use Kubuntu but I think I will move to Void Linux.
@EdwardTorvalds It is based on many things but another Linux distro.
@EdwardTorvalds Now I don't have any computer with Debian-based distro at home anymore.

Multiple choice would have been nice :)

Personally I use Archlinux at home, Debian 10 at work, and recommend Fedora to people who just want to use Linux (without using the Terminal, if possible). Maybe I'm switching to Fedora too.

And on the server ... Ubuntu LTS. But that wasn't the question, I know.

@KopfKrieg I think you should vote, since your personal computer is arch itself.

@EdwardTorvalds Using pure Debian many years but to be honest, Arch has the best knowledge base. Majority of my technical issues was resolved by Arch wiki.

@EdwardTorvalds Voted SuSE, but only because Slackware wasn't an option.

@dadegroot max 4 options are allowed. Had to pick popular ones.

@EdwardTorvalds you don't need to include Arch since those people will just tell you without being asked

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