So, i was very excited about Dashboard in Nextcloud 20. I recently upgraded to it but I realized that the dashboard is not that useful (yet).

@ankit I find it useful to jump to most recently opened note

@EdwardTorvalds How do you do that? I only had widgets for Github and Social Media. Is it part of the Recommendation plugin?

@EdwardTorvalds i guess it doesn’t show up for me because I don’t have notes app installed. Strangely Nextcloud appstore thing is not accessible since morning here so can’t install it either to check 😅


@ankit which version of Nextcloud server are you using? I have upgraded mine to v20.0.6 and apps list on this page /settings/apps have disappeared.

@EdwardTorvalds I'm on v20.0.4. But I think the apps list disappeared because there API is down. It happened earlier as well on v19. See if you can visit the Apps website.

@EdwardTorvalds Now the Apps website is up and so is the /settings/apps list. 🙂

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