I am blocked from accessing mstdn.io over my carrier Internet
(Tooting from WiFi)

Cover your tits people, it is up to you.
If you roam around like this, don't be surprised if people stare at your

British Film Institute won't let me watch short movies - You are not in UK

This is exactly kind of bullshit AI helps corporates to sell themselves (in reality these initiatives don't solve any problems)

the time in history when hacking into computer was cool and legit

You have to do whatever they say at the airport you know :-p

UNIX never advertised that it is blazing fast and thoroughly tested πŸ˜‚

I caught GOOGLE purposely SABOTAGING FIREFOX out in open.
Same Google Form rendered differently in Firefox and Chromium.
On Chromium date input rendered with type="date" but on FireFox it is rendered with type="text". In Firefox people have make mistake or have difficulty entering date
Check the screen shots I attached.
Btw Firefox 65 does support date type input.

Screen shot 2 Firefox
Screen shot 1 Chromium

This legacy code I am working on is written by some idiot hippie

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