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Google intentionally slows down YouTube on Firefox by 80% by using old libraries that are unsupported by Firefox because they were deprecated.

Why stop at burning books, when libraries themselves are 'sites of whiteness,' librarian suggests

"Canada is not Google's lab rat," said the association's executive director and general counsel MJ Bryant. "We can do better. Our freedom from unlawful public surveillance is worth fighting for."

Windows 10 is slow to boot even on NVM SSD compared to Manjaro, which shows login screen under 3 sec 😂

Lenovo's ThinkPad T480's keyboard is shit. The whole fun of using a ThinkPad is ruined.

Web is actually better for Linux. Lot applications are made only for Mac and windows. But if they are web app they work on Linux too.

"Assange risked his life to uncover the dirty reality that our governments hide. His arrest is a violation of freedom of the press and of expression."

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So it looks like Russian propaganda is failing in front of American's.

Notre Dame under fire is tragic loss of history today

Is there any theory/book that teaches a person to encourage, inspire imagination, curiosity in another person?

Is there a 'mathematical syntax or language' that can be easily parse-able by programming language?

Use Firefox on Google websites and other websites that don't give first class support to it, if possible with little compromise.
We can't let Web destroyed by corporate like Google

If it is arson, it is a brilliantly diabolical, perfectly calculated action.

Nothing else could possibly make the French overreact and "just do something" the exact same way USA started destroying itself in revenge for 911.

Frenchies, for your own good, JUST BREATHE. If this was a deliberate act, don't retaliate from blind rage. Wait YEARS. Get the real truth.

Muslims may have done it, sure.


False flag by ??? calculated to get muslims blamed. Mosad? Nationalists?

The Chaos Computer Club demands

* the immediate release of Chelsea Manning
* the immediate release of Ola Bini
* an immediate stop of any plans to extradite Julian #Assange to the U.S., where he would not face fair trial

We call for citizens, journalists and European governments to stand in solidarity.

#FreeChelsea #FreeAssange #FreeOlaBini

How Apple, Google, and other tech companies conspired against their own workers

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