@isi Sorry if spam, registered a few hours ago, could you please help? :blob_grinning_sweat:

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@isi I really can't understand how everything works here. Could you please explain if have time, or even give a link please. One more time, sorry for the spam

@isi Are there private messages somewhere? Where is it better to host the profile? Reasons to choose Plemora or Mastodon?

1) Pleroma vs Mastodon:
Most people choose Mastodon because of its popularity and because the UI is comfy, but tbh Pleroma has more features, for example we don't have the hardcoded 500 chars limit to posts, the limits are adjustable per instance, we don't have a limit for emoji sizes, :ameowbox: for example wouldn't get shown on Mastodon but on Pleroma (and its cute, it's an animated version of :meowbox: )
Pleroma has emoji reactions, even though they're still only Unicode Emojis yet (Misskey, a third option next to Mastodon and Pleroma, already does custom emoji reactions, but they obviously don't federate to Pleroma and especially not to Mastodon, Unicode Emoji reactions DO federate between Pleroma and Misskey Instances!), also you can customize the Pleroma-Frontend more (just look at my instance "" for example
And with the new update, Pleroma also has direct chats now, they're pretty comfy :comfy:
2) You're already doing Fedi right!! You're not bothering, just went to sleep already when you answered :blobcatsleep:
On Fedi it's all about interaction. You want people to interact with you? Interact with other people! The instance you're on mostly doesn't matter for that one except for if you should happen to be on an instance that has a huge blocklist (blocks communication to specific instances, the more on the list, the more suspicious the instance tbh), a list with instances who have a clear federation moderation can be found here:
(yes I am not on that list, but I didn't ask to get on the list and at least I am not on the "wall of shame" :blobcatwink: )
If you're interested in Misskey I can also recommend the instance
If you want to find new people on here you generally can look at the federated timeline for example to watch for interesting posts

@isi @Falafel_UwU isi how do I upgrade to 2.1 from 2.0.7? The release notes don’t explain it

@isi @Falafel_UwU
idk opal and been :blobcatangery: these days.
but that isn't to say that the work they did was bad
@Jessica @Falafel_UwU yes this :meowGiggle:
They're probably a very controversial person on here, but that's because they're very strict with their opinions and ideals regarding moderation
@isi @Falafel_UwU got unfollowed because i post 1/2 braincell memes aparently
@Jessica @Falafel_UwU I am sure you didn't got unfollowed because of something personal! :blobcatpat:
You're a nice person! :blobcatsnuggle:
@tn5421 @isi @Falafel_UwU I unfollowed but not block because I enjoy a good tard rage :p
@Jessica @Falafel_UwU @isi
feels like we should be changing the language you use to something more neutral
give "your mentals are weak af" a try
@tn5421 @Jessica @Falafel_UwU "I am not exactly overwhelmed by what your mind has come up with just now"
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@isi @tn5421 @Falafel_UwU @Jessica sounds like something I would hear in an official business meeting
@Jessica @tn5421 @Falafel_UwU @isi you probably see plenty of "tard rage" in the mirror. kill yourself.
@Jessica @Falafel_UwU @isi why are you still harping on about that shit? sounds like you have a stick up your ass.
@wowaname @Falafel_UwU @isi
I'll steal a quote.
"Opal is constantly looking for ways to be offended by everyone at all times, don’t take it that seriously."
@Jessica @isi @Falafel_UwU this is a relatively high brow network. can u add another half braincel?
@isi @Jessica @Falafel_UwU lot of us are controversial. like i been in a lot of arguments in the past.
@1iceloops123 @isi @Falafel_UwU I'm bad for getting into arguments sometimes, but i try not to dwell on it or hold it over people.
@1iceloops123 @Falafel_UwU @Jessica yeah... also for some people I guess everyone is controversial. I remember I once got called "ableist" for using the German word for "mentally ill" (which is a normal slur in German, but yeah I can understand that if you really think about it you CAN interpret it ableist, that just leaves the question if it's such a good idea to insult everyone as ableist who just uses that word without thinking about how it could also get understood, like if you really want everyone to understand everything by their own without requiring any hints for it, isn't that a bit ableist by itself?! :blobcatgoogly: )
@isi @1iceloops123 @Falafel_UwU I may call people 'tards but i also call myself one
just because i call people tards doesn't mean I'm calling them mentally handicapped, it's joke
@Jessica @isi @Falafel_UwU i don't mind name calling but i know people don't like it. like current things going on these days i think it can be little tarded.
@1iceloops123 @Jessica @Falafel_UwU hihi that poor Fedi newbie might be a bit overwhelmed by all these notifications when they're coming back to here again :meowgiggle:
@isi @Falafel_UwU @Jessica i think /our guy/ would be fine with it but yeah. they only been on the fediverse for the day. i think back when i was new to this i would just spam memes.
@isi @1iceloops123 @Falafel_UwU @Jessica
I'm more likely to come to the conclusion that
1: They are toxic
2: I am doing nothing wrong
from this situation
@isi @Falafel_UwU @Jessica like for me back four years ago before mastodon and plemora was really a thing. i would really get into it. and once mastodon started to become a thing it really upset me because one change after another it would break gnu social. i like i guess we needed what we have now i think.
@Falafel_UwU People don't get mad when you interact with them even though they don't know you if you behave like a person on here and don't randomly insult others :comfy:
Some bigger accounts with lots of followers are a good starting point to find other people commenting under that too but it's not necessary, the only thing necessary is to interact with other people by your own, try to make the first step if someone seems nice and you have similiar interests to talk about :comfy:
@Falafel_UwU UwU that part probably sounded more like Pleroma propraganda than intended :pleroma: :pleroma_fox_tan:
@isi @Falafel_UwU
"Pleroma does what Mastodont"
in all seriousness, masto plays hard and loose with standards.
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