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Anyone know a simple way to check if an android app has network access? Preferably without having to do any packet sniffing.

Making the move to privacy focused apps and services. Tried ASK for my keyboard but it doesn't do flow typing well. Using SwiftKey atm, seems like a good option but I want to be sure it's not sending any data to a third party.

The bi-partisan support to hold China accountable for despotic human rights abuses gives me a small ray of hope for the future.

China "Indignant" Over US House Bill Against Surveillance & Internment in Xinjiang | Subverse News bitchute.com/video/iXq2en0ApfQ

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For those of you that use VPN: "CVE-2019-14899 - Inferring and hijacking VPN-tunneled TCP connections." sounds like a load of fun:

<Here is a list of the operating systems we have tested which are
vulnerable to this attack:

Ubuntu 19.10 (systemd)
Fedora (systemd)
Debian 10.2 (systemd)
Arch 2019.05 (systemd)
Manjaro 18.1.1 (systemd)

Devuan (sysV init)
MX Linux 19 (Mepis+antiX)
Void Linux (runit)

Slackware 14.2 (rc.d)
Deepin (rc.d)
FreeBSD (rc.d)
OpenBSD (rc.d)

This list isn’t exhaustive>

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