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Jupiter and Venus greet me in the morning, en la madrugada. The wind stirs the leaves overhead. ๐Ÿƒ The sun rises in the East.

a terrible quality mirror selfie 

I'm spooked to start tooting on the new instance I'm trying out


Tempted to change instances if they would have me

Happy Monday beautiful fediversians.

I'm gonna open up PV registration for a few days. Cause I like y'all.


poem about changing my name 

poem about changing my name 

Iโ€™m stupid but please donโ€™t treat me like Iโ€™m stupid Free copy of Morrowind..... now people don't have an excuse......

I'm thicccc y'all. My chest measurement is around 61 inches I think. My torso is almost pretty long, so any shirts have to be either longline cut or the tall variant of extended sizing.

Being barrel chested and 6'4" has pretty much doomed me to wearing oversized shirts or shirts that show my midriff if I raise my arms.

I have some new button downs coming from a new place that supposedly makes their extended size clothes proportionally correct. I hope they fit ok. I should have them by tomorrow night.


Meet local goth boys in your area who want to cry RIGHT NOW.

Okay fine, they're about Brooko but don't tell her. It's a secret.

A moratorium for those who were left behind. A brief respite. At least their suffering has ended, while we toil onwards.

We need to stop debating the effects of abuse solely from the narratives of the survivors. We didnโ€™t all make it. Those who arenโ€™t here matter. Their pain matters.

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