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Jupiter and Venus greet me in the morning, en la madrugada. The wind stirs the leaves overhead. ๐Ÿƒ The sun rises in the East.

Like the existentialists, the stoics have a point
Also like the existentialists, they can get bent

The real sad part is my mobile client doesn't animate it. My reaction when I saw it spinning was as you would expect. I threw my chair back and started screaming.

This is my favorite mastodon emoji and my constant mood


Cut out everyone in your life that didnโ€™t play Pokรฉmon past the first gen. You donโ€™t need that kind of negativity and toxicity in your life.

capitalists invented open floor plan offices to stop you from crying on the clock. it won't stop me

i am sorry for the things i said during winter

Even if i ever stop dreaming of you, i never found a better way to spend an afternoon :yell:

If you don't get a raise at least equal to inflation you're getting a paycut.

This is the stuff. When I read more about it, it seems it's like an oil based perfume that's meant to be worn in conjunction with other fragrences to enhance them.

Smells. I feel very in tune with this. Especially in regards to attraction. Sometimes the right scent is all it takes to get my attention.

Right now, I wear a perfume for men, made by Burberry. I like it, but I think it's a bit too "manly" smelling for my liking. I wouldn't mind something a bit more subtle and natural. I've always been drawn to Woody tones, this is the first time I've been interested in something with citric tones.

Last time I was in a Sephora, they had this unisex perfume on display that smelled like lemons on a warm summer day. I am still thinking about this a whole ass month later. I think I should probably go buy it right?

Y'all ever wish you could uhhhhhhhh not be a huge fucking idiot? no? just me? That's fine

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