Hmm. The office crowd is pouring in. Many, too loud on their mobiles, trying to conclude office work.

I feel under-dressed in my shorts, flip-flops, and a shirt that needs some stitching. Not.

It's just getting too noisy. Time to split the joint.

You know where to find me, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

On other days, I'll across the street.

Right now, I want to be the owner of a bar by the beach.

Or, maybe a beach bar regular. I could be just as happy, either way.

I miss bumming at the beach every afternoon when I was just a plain, old farmer, sharing stories over beers with fellow beach bums. Some days, it was just the dogs and me. And beer.


There's a new neighborhood coffee shop, cafe Shizuka @ 7Q63H2XQ+G7 . Trying out their strawberry milkshake, beignets, and coffee.

Looks like a tempting virtual branch to my remote office, for when I need background noise and people chatter.

Ay naku! , ano ba?! nag-phase out kayo ng web services niyo, tapos ang pinalit ninyo hilaw at kulang-kulang naman!

I've been working often on an tablet these days, and when I have the time I'd like to map on .

The best editor seems to be but I wish it's easier to open areas or tasks you want to work on directly - like having them conveniently accessed through these options.

Dani Gayares from talking about how they use technologies to tell stories, analyze data, visualize issues -- for social good

Leigh Lunas talks about her favorite outdoor spots, and her way to contribute to the data commons in

Andi Tabinas talks about and her project to map these facilities in the Philippines

Maning Sambale talking about their experience with IP communities , and how different genders map differently.

#Geofabrik is joining #Wikipedia, & many others by blacking out their web site for a day to make people aware of the threat that #artikel13 of the planned #EU #copyright directive poses for #OpenStreetMap. #uploadfilter #SaveYourInternet

in New York released all their tracks as a raster layer: under a CC-BY-SA , with explicit permission for tracing in

That's one great way of contributing back to !

Read more about it here:

Hello , are you reading this?

The next release, v3.3 will support navigation using Public Transport routes on .

If your local bus routes aren't on the map yet, check out their user-friendly guide on how you can do it :

May gumagamit pa ng Voltes V para sa mga political jingles?! 😱

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