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hairline cracks
of compassion fatigue —
time to be grounded
[David Dayson]

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Natakot si Duterte sa awit ng rebolusyon mula sa Les Miserables. Kunwari nagalit pero natakot sya sa banta ng pag-aklas. Nasindak sa kanta. Inutil na nga, pikon pa sa kanta.

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For those who want to donate to the PGH Medical Foundation, check out the details below:

Masyado namang balat-sibuyas 'tong late night show host na 'to.

A friend's child, who loves to design and to write, made this poster to remind people how to make our communities more resilient to Covid-19.

I am told it's for people with bad eyes, and maybe that's why they sent it to me.

Power went out, busted transformer in the neighborhood.

The shadow my flashlight is making on the ceiling lamps mirrors my feelings right now.

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Exactly a year ago, we were wrapping up in Dumaguete , the first community conference in the , geared towards open map-py/geo enthusiasts and users outside the capital region, Manila.

Instead of Cebu, we are going virtual for 2020. More details soon!

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Yes! Spain shows how its done. Protected bike lanes in hot climates need shade! And lots of it. And cars, well, they got their own AC’s.

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Police are NOT allowing us to protest despite having informed the Capitol of our activity. We are in FREEDOM PARK where permits are not needed for any public assembly.

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Safety comes first for this Ecuadorean boy and his dog

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German sniffer dogs can detect COVID-19 in people - with success rate of 94%.

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Truer words were never inscribed on a protective shield.

(Photo: ctto)

Is it possible to load a specific object in ? For example, a specific relation id? @vespucci_editor

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I just listened to the interview of a French virologist, and we should moderate our hopes for a vaccine :
- never was a vaccine found less than 10 years after a disease was discovered.
- HIV was discovered in 1983. There have been promising Phase 1 trials. But no vaccine yet.

" buses be allowed to run counterflow so the doors will open at the center island ... Buses running counterflow will also discourage VIP convoys from using the bus lanes to escape the traffic mess ordinary mortals suffer."
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My PhilStar column today- Public transport |

Done with the 1st run of courses. 😀 Thank you to the attendees for their trust and participation! It would not have been possible without you! Big ups also to those who availed of certification. We were able to give back €200 to @qgis! ❤️

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Honestly, we could just recycle some of the smallpox and Spanish Flu ads & cartoons today.

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Kung ayaw ng Kongreso, taumbayan na mag-renew ng prangkisa ng ABSCBN via people’s initiative. Reqts: signatures of at least 3% of registered voters (RVs) in each leg district & 10% of total RVs in the country; & majority votes in a plebiscite. Kaya ba?

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