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@tessgarcia A friend of mine, a primary teacher, buys school materials from her own pocket. From her tiny pay. Makatwiran po yan kase para sa image natin yan en.

Have you seen the latest detection data that has been made available for on ? You can also find traffic sign detections you can easily add to the map, to..

These are visible from the . Just go to Map Data and enable the features you want from the Mapillary options.

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You can't help an empty house, when it's empty.

Floating Weeds (Yasujirō Ozu, 1959).

Create a set of #OpenStreetMap quality assurance #RSS feeds for an area of your choice: tyrasd.github.io/osm-qa-feeds/. Very useful to see what’s changing in the areas where you’re active and improve the quality of the data.

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"The person of superior integrity
does not insist upon his integrity.
For this reason, he has integrity."
— Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Despite what some people from EU may think, I am not the deputy prime minister of Poland.

Hey folks! Let's bike to #intramuros and support #VAWfree initiatives in the #Philippines

Shoutout to our #mappy friends and the local #geoladies

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Let's all bike in Intramuros and show our support to VAW-Free communities. See you there on Nov 24.


Would it be a surprise that #OpenStreetMap probably has the most extensive #bikeparking map of #MetroManila and beyond?

We can still make it better!

Where can you have your bike repaired? Where can you pump air into your tyres? Where's your favorite bike shop? Where are the bike-friendly establishments?

Image is a screen shot from flosm's cycle map theme.

Do you know where the nearest facility in your neighborhood is, including informal (e.g. chaining bikes to street furniture is not objectionable ) ones?

Do you know that you can easily add these to , and share the information with fellow riders?

Sa wakas, nakilala ko na din ang tao sa likod ng , si Aldrin Pelicano, isang advocate.

May nalalapit na libreng workshop para magamit ninyo ng offline ang mobility maps ng , at lalo pa itong mapag-buti.

Mabuti rin na sa Eastwood ang naging meeting place, at nakita namin ang mga punong-puno na mga bike parking facilities nila.

I got to chat with the owner before I left, and they said that they're actually considering setting up a bike rack, now that the city is banning on-street parking for cars.

Do you folks have any idea about the cost of a bicycle rack?

A video clip by from the recently concluded 20th . It also shows what commuters (walking, cycling, or any other way to roll) experience daily

0:36 - utility poles in the middle of the road
1:03 - how some people bike in tandem
1:20 - bad roads
3:06 - interesting people


Not exactly bike-friendly, but the crew of in 7Q63H2XQ+G8
is friendly enough to let me take half-folded bike in.

I could imagine how that space across the street can easily accommodate a few bike racks.

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Record of Duterte, Cayetano, Bato, Go et al


• made drug problem worse
• killed thousands of innocents
• coddled druglords
• allowed smuggling of illegal drugs
• freed criminals
• rewarded ninja cops aka death squads


• blames Robredo as she fixes mess

A belated discovery when using . By default, the map language is set to use local names. Change this to your preferred language, otherwise the map is likely to be less helpful for you. This only works if features already has name:xy values , where xy is your preferred language code.

Meanwhile, the app behavior seems tied to your system language settings, so by default will display feature names following your preferred language.

Urgh. I missed it this year. Kudos to all bikers. I'm sure it was fun!
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Happened earlier - assembly, opening program and ride out of the 20th Tour of the Fireflies organised by the Firefly Brigade-Philippines in Ortigas East, Pasig City.


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