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hairline cracks
of compassion fatigue —
time to be grounded
[David Dayson]

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We've neglected updating the stats, so here's how it was since the last update in November:

* At the end of 2020, a total 14,245 schools has been added to (3 times more than 2019)
* As of Q2-2021, almost 4,000 schools has been added -- almost (1/2)

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Head of China CDC George Gao (Gao Fu): “China is exploring the option of mixing different Covid-19 vaccines as a solution to the relatively low efficacy of its existing jabs.”

... relatively low efficacy... Gao admitted.

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A great way to explain the relative risks of the AZ vaccine with patients. In short, get what you can as quickly as you can!
Thanks to @NourKhatibMD for translating from the original Spanish.

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I am slightly aggravated that a private firm is on a broadsheet media saying "we only need 35 million vaccinated for herd immunity".

The gall!

So, let's tickle this devilish idea with some simple mathematical equation

H = (1 - 1/R)/E

Honestly, though, an app is NOT essential to making any bicycle trip, especially routes that are already familiar with the cyclist.

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In a business for biking local survey for by the , they named several apps and asked respondents if they use any. Only one of those apps, uses data.

What does that say about the apps popular with the OSM community (, , ) ?

What's funny is, the features they are looking for are (in the most part) are already available in these apps.

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All my own work, memes are meant to be scratchy looking anyway

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Happy to share what @MartinSanDiego and I worked on last month: We profiled cyclists from different walks of life, from a health worker to a Paralympic athlete. Most said they'll never go back to a traffic-hampered, hours-long commute. 🚲 @washingtonpost

After last week's #wemap webinar, the #OpenStreetMap contributors in #Mandaue in the #Cebu region are now collecting #Mapillary street-level imagery, with the goal of documenting and working on to improve the open map data for biking infrastructure in the city.

With fresh imagery, they are taking advantage of computer vision to detect objects: traffic signs, bike racks, speed limits, etc.

Watch this space for announcements for local #biking, #activeMobility #greenTransport webinars.

Wala naman yatang nagsabing perpekto ang response ng gobyerno, pero "excellent" naman daw.

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Health Undersecretary Usec. Maria Rosario Vergeire on criticisms on pandemic response: We are not saying we have a perfect response. This is the cycle of a virus. If we let our guards down, babalik at babalik siya hangga't 'di napuputol ang transmission.

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Efficacy matters, but it does not matter the most. Which vaccine will keep you alive? Which vaccine will keep you from getting hospitalized? All COVID19 vaccines do that. Teka, [email protected] published phase 3 trial data ang Sinovac and Sinopharm. 🤭😅

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Me to econ managers:

Don’t run the government like an effing business!

It’s not your job to save money. It’s your job to SPEND for the people.

Magbigay kayo ng ayuda so you don’t have to keep forcing a stupid strategy of reopening the economy

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'Yung Sunday musings ni Leni Robredo, kilometro ang layo ng linaw kumpara sa lasing rants every Monday nung mama sa Malakanyang

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Catch me talk about openness, smart cities, and the SmartCT experience! 😁

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[A THREAD] Special Reports | Our research showed that only around US$1.2 billion, or a measly 9% of the total COVID-19 loans, was intended for projects which were made to address the health crisis in the country.

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Grabe kayo kay Duterte. Inaano ba niya kayo? Wala naman siyang ginagawa ah!

Found it: 14.66832° N, 121.04344° E

But, I'd still rather have Lola Nena's 😁
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The world's first Dunkin' "Bike-Thru" lane in the Philippines. 🍩☕️🚲

📷 @dunkinph 🇵🇭

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