One of the few reasons I still browse my bird site feed are the 🐶 clips, that help me brighten my day.

I just noticed these ads when I open a new tab in FF. Come-ons we're smaller size, some features removed from mainstream FF, and no tracking.

I'm already using as my default, so I don't know if this offers anything different.

Pagkatapos kong mabasa yung resulta ng surbey para pagka-senador, napag- tanto ko na maraming tao ay sumasagot lang ng pangalan para mapuno yung bilang na kailangan.

Parang yung mga nagsusulit, na gustong lang maka-tsamba, at sumasagot nang kung ano-ano.

Ang sakit sa mata nung listahang 'yun.

Growing old with friends is probably the best thing about growing old. Happy unbirthday to us! 🎉

In our workshops, public speaking and presentations aren't always sought after tasks. We sometimes resort to up having to try our luck with

Have you discovered out the plugin for the Java editor () yet?

It's not any faster than the Buildings Plugin for digitizing buildings, but it can automatically draw an area and tag it as `landuse=residential` by selecting all the buildings, with a CTRL+SHIFT+R keystroke.

*Suman* is another rice cake delicacy in the . Traditionally, individually wrapped in banana leaves, also with palm-leaf fronds, although contemporary versions may use waxed paper.

There are many variants, and this green suman is made from Pinipig - pounded, young, green rice which makes it a bit gummy and chewy - and yummy!

These may be eaten as-is, while some like to dip them in sugar. Some have *latik* (coconut milk curds) blended in.

I 💜 crunchy, peanut butter on them.

Of course, Google. Your map didn't "show correctly" in this official weather agency's website.

mapathons are an awesome way to socialize with old friends - and meeting new ones, while working together toward the same goal.

We are grateful to all on-site and remote volunteers from various communities who spent their time mapping for . Kudos to our co-organizers David Garcia (working remotely from NZ) , Mikko Tamura ( ) , and Feye Andal for prepping tasks , that led to this awesome Sunday.

Our are eco-friendly, too. Plant-based containers and utensils.

Got a few minutes to spare for humanitarian mapping? We are preparing for category 5 typhoon Mangkhut (aka Ompong in PHL), expected to make landfall in northern tomorrow morning.

Got a few minutes to spare for humanitarian mapping? We are preparing for category 5 typhoon Mangkhut (aka Ompong in PHL), expected to make landfall in northern tomorrow morning.

Fixed the 🚲 bike today, and explored the neighboring city again and ended up in another "Japanese" ramen-ya 🍜, in an inner street of a residential neighborhood.

I went for their best seller, spicy ramen and some forgettable tempura maki.

It was a mistake to order that ramen. The chili oil over-powered the interesting broth, and their noodles tasted like they were freshly-made. Next time, I'll try out a more basic base, like shoyu or miso.

7Q63H2PG+RJ, Mandaluyong

Argh. I had to take out the wheel and pull out the tube cause I couldn't couldn't find the puncture - or what caused it. Then finally, found out it was a mis-behaving Presta valve. N00b. 👶🦙

If Ben Franklin was a cyclist, he would have added another inevitability to life, apart from death and taxes - tyre punctures. 🚲

The octopus is one of those fascinating creatures of the ocean, and a favorite of scientists who are studying animal sentience/consciousness - which makes it difficult for me to think of them as food.

During a recent meet-up with some , the idea for a major local event came up again. We previously had this conversation after hosting back in 2016, and we thought it might be a good idea to have the next geo/mapping event hosted outside .

If you're from the , or nearby region, please help us narrow down possible venue sites that you're likely to go to, if the event is hosted thereabouts.

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