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hairline cracks
of compassion fatigue —
time to be grounded
[David Dayson]

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All men are equal before slide

I got lucky, Lágrima is just around the corner.
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I like the tacos of Pancake House. But they certainly are not “the best tacos in town.” And because I’m pissed that they claim it at every opportunity, please reply to this tweet where you’re from and what the best taco is in your neighborhood!

Today is Friday, the 13th. And my weighing scale has been co-opted!

The infernal weight of Beelzebub is upon me. 😅

I'm pretty sure it's already Friday, in another multi-verse, and and I'm celebrating with friends. 😵

No day better than today, to finally finish this bottle of sochu. 😵😵

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The “Murillo Velarde Map” is perhaps the most famous map of the Philippines. Made over three centuries ago, it was one of the first maps to document the archipelago & daily Philippine life in such detail.

[map4F G8060 1734 .V4 (PrCt)]

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If voters are DISENFRANCHISED because they don’t make the 7pm cut-off, hindi na ito kasalanan ng mga botante o nang pandemya.

The Comelec should made accountable. The Filipino people deserve vote counting machines that work.

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Please fellow journos, Comelec is giving us the percentage based on ELECTION RETURNS, not actual votes counted. Pls add up ALL THE VOTES SO FAR RECEIVED by each of the presidential candidates and you only get about 35 million.

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I-extend ng dalawang oras ang pagboto sa mga lugar na apektado ng mga aberya ukol sa VCM at SD cards na hindi umaandar.

Hindi kasalanan ng botante ito.

After last night's , this is how some roads looked like in : people on bicycles, scooters, motor vehicles. The sidewalks overflowed with people walking home, to their rides, or available (?!) public transport stops.

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Last night's hopeful crowd in was amazing. It's the last public political rally for and her slate, before Monday's national elections.

I planned to meet-up with friends on my bike, but ended up going with another friend I haven't seen for quite a long while.

These days, I like to heat (sometimes, fry) them in olive oil, then add mixed herbs.

I get them from UP Los Baños' DTRI distributors in Manila no longer packaged in traditional banana leaves but plastic, along with fresh milk and yogurt.

Amazing what kind of memories we associate with our mothers. Happy mother's day to all mom's!

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Funny thing is that it may sound like it's from some suburb, but I grew up in the city, and it was amazing how we got those fresh stuff then.

I'm sometimes aghast by what I find in some supermarket's "fresh" section.

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Breakfast this late is unusual for me, but reminds me of mama, who likes waking up late.

Kesong puti (' farmer's cheese, made from carabao milk) for breakfast is always her favorite, though I wasn't a fan when I was small. We'd always have some, wrapped in banana leaves (I don't see them these days) and in Most mornings, delivered by an elderly woman who goes around our neighborhood selling fresh carabao milk in bottles (stopped with banana leaves!), cheese and rice cakes.

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Kuya kung sino kaman, isa kang alamat. Hindi ko napanuod ng buo ang fireworks display kakavideo ko sayo. 😅 🇵🇭

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In the country with the highest EV adoption, they are realizing that cars are still cars.

“But there's a new problem for the Scandinavian nation: it needs people to stop driving their EVs so much and get on buses and trains.”

It's times like this that you hope all restrooms in the neighborhood are mapped in , with their opening hours.

I can imagine the hellish queues now.
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Hydrate, then wiwi. So you can hydrate again.

(thank you to whoever laid this jpg out)

OMZ! I didn't realize until this morning how much the neighborhood has changed. All the restaurants that serve breakfast before 10a.m. has closed. 😔 Only option left are QSRs 😢 or breakfast at home.

The biking "infrastructure" still leaves a lot to be desired, but on the other hand, there are new shops to try soon.

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