The confidence people have in their beliefs is not a measure of the quality of evidence but of the coherence of the story that the mind has managed to construct. -- Daniel Kahneman

The "nosehair" that took out my 🚲 front tyre. Glad to find a repair shop nearby. Found (and fixed) a typo in their name, too.

Thanks to the contributor who added it.

The OSMF board released [0] their response re the issue of Crimea; that in this case, is a special exception to the "on-the-ground" mapping rule used by OSM, which is still in place.


Yesterday's event, "Bike Any Means Necessary" by @urbanismodotph, brought together an interesting set of panelists, advocates, and enthusiasts, trying to find answers for 's humongous traffic problem, for which there is no single "solution" is available.

I'm really sorry to see go, and will miss the interesting people I've met there . My stream still isn't the same.

If you like using maps to plan trips (and sharing it with friends), you might find planning tools interesting, aside from the fact that it uses data.

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's mapping party in Marikina! I found a good excuse to ride the bike (and the train) and meet new people who shares my interest in .

I wrote a short write-up about it:

Looking forward to tomorrow's mapping party, with local enthusiasts. I'm taking a bike, and this is a route generated by the .

Come and join us!

Details and RSVP :

@3rik counts in among the top 10 apps available from the @fdroidorg market place, and calls it the "Swiss Knife" of navigation apps. Three other related apps mentioned were (a fork), ,

Shame on coupon website for using maps without the proper attribution. And to rub that further in your face, clicking on the Location Map link sends you to Google Maps

I don't blame you.

Sometimes, you do feel a need to wear helmets when you take a in the .

“Taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time.”
― Haruki Murakami

All my favorite OSM sites appear to be unavailable right now:, maproulette, HOT TM ... :blobeyes:

Hey folks!! Let's make this an informal survey!

Please run the query around your neighbourhood (zoom out to preserve your privacy) and post a screenshot of the map it produces.

Hey ! Is there a way to follow the timelines of a local instance, and not just a particular user?

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