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hairline cracks
of compassion fatigue —
time to be grounded
[David Dayson]

Top #Mapillary contributor wrote they stopped using the app, and started sharing their imagery on #KartaView, saying "I figure it all ends up in #OpenStreetMap. But #Mapillary has made it too difficult to upload data."

I've only used the command line tools for uploading, and there were hitches a few weeks back but they *seem* to be working again, but I've yet to see the processed photos.

Meanwhile, the same photos that I uploaded in #KartaView was usable in OSM after a few hours.

Most Pinoys always has this thing about the last piece of anything. 😅

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Naloko na. Tatakbong senador ang mga tv at radio personalities. Robin Padilla, Willie Revillame, Raffy Tulfo. Wala na bang Tañada, Salonga o Vicente Y. Sotto man lang?

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“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”
Lao Tzu.

📷Patty Maher

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The VP is not immune from suit by law or by tradition. Non-issue. Non-story.

Craving Biryani? I wasn't, but my favorite kimchi maker apparently makes one. So I dropped off my reusable containers, went ahead with my biking plans, and picked them up on my way home.

After I opened it, the tantalizing aroma of spices made my mouth water. The subtle smell reminded me of Lebanese cooking.

The squid was perfect! Tender to bite. Didn't scrimp on fresh ingredients, and was made with real saffron, and basmati rice.

Good for 2-3 people, 150 bucks! 🤩 Wish it was mutton.

Trippy street-level imagery on 😆

Low-res image is viewable in JOSM, but the sequence is broken and you have to click on every photo. Meanwhile, the sequence works on their web app, but many images are like this, and useless.

Too many things are in flux on this platform these days. I'll give this a rest and check it again later.

1.5 years into the pandemic, Tanuki (the bike) finally gets a tune-up, new tyres, and a major wash. 🤩

Joshua is a college student from Marikina, working part-time as bike mechanic for four years now.

He rode the mamachari with all the tools and supplies (also bought his own bike stand), and was punctual with the appointment. Cleaned-up after the work's done.

Very satisfied with his work. If you need a mechanic for your bike, or want to give it a major wash, call him: +639662889028

Another @openstreetmap map , this time, the poster is sharing about esteros (estuaries) of old Manila, for transportation.
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ONGA PALA RIVER TRANSPO!!! we used to use esteros as transportation and even cargo. these esteros usually have markets e.g. paco market, quiapo market, etc.

btw the pasig river ferry is not as bad as you think, it's really convenient and should be patronized more!…

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This is wrong bc people already misunderstand the idea of vaccine effectiveness as it is. For example, when they say a vaccine is 60% effective, it does not mean you have a 40% chance of getting covid. It reduces your risk by 60% which is a big thing.

And this documentary is brought to you by the letter B" - Bikers, Burundi, Bananas, Beer, Brawn, Boldness, and brass balls. 😉

The Burundian people, and their biking culture is amazing.

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"Governments always need enemies, even when they're not at war. If you don't have a real enemy, you make one up and spread the word. It scares the population, and when the people are scared, they tend not to step out of line."

~ Paul Auster ; Oracle Night

The cold brew coffee is forgettable ( I'm pretty sure they're mainly Liberica beans), but the puto is worth coming back for -- also, they have draft beer. ‼️

They ran out of take out beer containers, so I'll bring my own next time.

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Finally tried the new coffee stand in the neighborhood. I've been meaning to try them out for some weeks now, but never got around it. (No thanks to beans I have, and my own cold brew.)

Checked their webpage, and craved for the puto (rice cake) ube (purple yam) macapuno (coconut sport) snack. 😅

If you’re searching how to improve the completeness of #OpenStreetMap mapping in your favorite area, StreetCompleteness shows completion percentage for chosen #StreetComplete quests: streetcompleteness.haukauntrie.

The downside to a bike with 349mm tyres is that most shops won't have spares for it.

Personally, I like going around my neighborhood to get stuff from my favorite places, but a blowout, and a bald tyre won't bring me anywhere.

Got the chance to try again, and finally they have card payments. I really like booking on the web, rather than using a mobile app. :ablobcool:

Now, where are on call in ? Wasted too much time last time I did this myself 🤪

I just noticed that are being extra, uhrm, "helpful" these days. The apps I use that utilize their location services now show auto-magically renamed streets.

So, N. Domingo, for example becomes "North Domingo", where the the "N" actually stands for Nicanor.


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