I'm glad to report that my de-stressing technique still works: mapping waterways on , with headphones on, with Coldplay playing. πŸ˜…

For a country that's an archipelago , the ' lighthouse are sparsely mappe don

Check out the twink-ly lights of the Lights at sea map: geodienst.github.io/lighthouse

It reminds of holiday lights πŸŽ„

Very pleased to see some of last year's ++ alumni continue as volunteers and developing as young leaders in this year's program. This time, as peer mentors, teaching assistants, and lecturing on sub-topics. πŸŽ‰ 😀


30 bucks of happiness at "Starbucks" Painitan in . Rice cake (the local "puto") and two servings of rich, hot chocolate. One of the few places with a real, native coffee culture left.

I think they extended pride month here. πŸ˜…

* 0.60 USD

Earlier today, map-py volunteers spent most of their Sunday working with the Lupang Arenda community, to assist their editing initiatives related to land tenureship, and disaster preparedness. Soon, they'll have high resolution aerial imagery on , supplemented with street-level imagery on , and the technical support of the local map-py advocates. I'm very glad about how positive this turned out to be.

A few thousand buildings and new roads added to in Rizal province in the . Photos from today's hosted by with

Thanks for the β˜• and πŸ• ! Great turnout!

#fun #xkcd explains what the number of digits in geographical coordinates maps to in the real world. #OpenStreetMap Precision is nice but it can as well be useless and counterproductive, especially when your measuring device has such an error margin. xkcd.com/2170/

The Kontur Map is another visualization of objects with the from . It can show areas where mapping work may be prioritized during an emergency mapping response, versus OSM objects and population data. It should be helpful for regular, non-emergency mapping initiatives, too.


Secret meet-ups.

Look for the guy with a TIE fighter and an X-wing on the table -- and a glass of beer.

Tomorrow, BPI will start charging for EFTs made to unenrolled accounts. Tho I'm keeping my BPI accounts, I recommend ING's mobile bank app to other people, where transfer to ANY bank account is FREE, and wallet balance actually earns interest. ing.com.ph/

Fund transfers from ING to ING are instantaneous. Check deposits can take up to two days, but could be quick as a few hours - all transactions via the app, so no need to go to the bank. And now they're on InstaPay, too

I believe that a contempoary synonym for a Sisyphean task is Cat-herding. I'd like to add that to my bio.

β€œI would like to see anyone, prophet, king or God, convince a thousand cats to do the same thing at the same time.” –Neil Gaiman

Have you ever tried to search for
Wikipedia articles in your neighborhood? Check out
wiki-atlas.org and see it for yourself.

"The more one gets to know of men, the more one values dogs." ~A. Toussenel

The local ride-sharing market is ripe for a decent competition. If truly wants to go against , they really need to level up their game. The app's user interface is not convenient nor cohesive. If you're trying to find inspiration , try 's. Heck! Even India's app for tuktuks didn't suck as much as this.

I remember mom playing this with her friends, and now I have my own set of friends who play it, too. Life is a cycle.

This unusual bearded pixie king (?) sitting atop an elephant is an unusual roadside ornament I found in , the city next to where I live. I always enjoy finding unusual sights, or gustatory delights when I . The first person to guess its location by 2019-06-30 gets a gift from me. I'll try to get a close-up photo next time.

Sa ating pag-gunita ng Araw ng Kalayaan, ay muli kong naalala si Nathaniel Branden: "Freedom is still the most radical idea of all."

Kung kayo'y interesado rin sa libre at malayang datos, software, at pag-mamapa nais namin kayong imbitahan sa isang komperensya nitong Agosta, Pista ng Mapa, sa Dumaguete, na binuo ng mga lokal na tagataguyod ng at

May maiki akong sanaysay dito: telegra.ph/Pista-ng-Mapa-06-12

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