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Erwin Olario

is the mobile editor for . Here's how I use it with to edit features like polygons and lines, which aren't editable in OsmAnd

A prolific contributor to in Russia, admits to infringing on copyright for mapping, and is asking the data working group for help in reverting the changes. That looks like a tedious roll-back.

Bakit ang kooperatiba ng mga empleyado ng ating pambansang aklatan ang nag-i-isyu ng resibo para sa "opisyal" nilang library card? @nlp1901

Over-lapping, un-squared buildings is a common error when getting started with editing in .

We see these in bulk from mapa-thons, where no validation is done afterwards, and they never get reviewed and corrected until the local community finds them.

This is from a mapa-thon last year, led by an international org, with a multi-national. We asked them if they're going to validate these, and we never heard back from them. There was no crisis, and no excuse not to validate.

8,000 "tambays" (loiterers) arrested in 🙄

Are you interested in getting in touch with fellow mappers in your neighborhood or city? Check out Meet Your Mapper:

I haven't seen contributors to exclusively using for their edits but apparently they exist. 🤪

i 💙

Come to think of it, that could actually be a meerkat!

When this is, that is.
This arising, that arises.
When this is not, that is not.
This ceasing, that ceases.
~ Buddha

I see a fox, but not a water body. validation.

I don't often see traffic cops wearing this traditional headwear, the conical . In

It's likely that has to do with your ISP.

Some friends now resort to sending an SMS, to remind me they sent me something on Viber. 😅 Although I kept that app on the phone, notifications are disabled and I only check the app ,once or twice a day, usually in the mid-afternoon , and or at the end of my day.

In yesterday's session in , Maps + Advocacies:

Advocate for mental wellness talks about her map of mental health facilities in the made with

Proponent of women's rights and mother-and-baby friendly facilities @jenkananaman talks about the role of women in mapping.