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hairline cracks
of compassion fatigue —
time to be grounded
[David Dayson]

Tonight's 😋

* Philippines' daing na pusit (dried squid)
* Korean Kimchi, & Miyeuk Julgi salad
* Japanese nattō (fermented soybean)
* rice & barley mix

Crispy squid paired well with kimchi. Traditionally, we'd dip it in vinegar. Rehydrated for 20 minutes in water then threw them in the air fryer for 4 minutes at 200⁰C.

The nattō, after mixing it with mustard and sesame oil, paired perfectly with kimchi. Usually, it's mixed with raw egg.

Miyeuk salad between bites, to clean the palate.

Before the pandemic, I wore a PM2.5 mask whenever I bike, because pollution is terrible in

With a P100 filter the efficiency is at 99.97%, for very, very small particles: 0.3 µ vs 2.5 µ, at 99.97 and virtually no leakage (if worn correctly).

I read that they work against pepper sprays, too. I have no plan to test it against that.

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Going out these days, especially if I expect to be indoors for more than 10 minutes, means donning a P100 .

I'm uneasy around people wearing masks incorrectly -- and it'd be tiresome to remind them all.

Also, unbothered with looking like a (slightly?) less odious Darth Vader but they are reusable, less costly, reduces waste, compared to disposable masks/FFPs.

These are comfy enough for biking. It gets a little warm -- but that also means no leaks! No more foggy glasses!

It doesn't always feel kosher.

Mapping in and making (some) sense of a sign from imagery with , to read a sign in Bahasa.

I don't expect it to be accurate, but you get the gist of it.

RT @EdwardTufte
Brilliant and credible reporting of current situation.

To reason about a pandemic requires pandemic data, a longer time horizon than daily panic news, and a deep medical and data analysis intelligence.

Eric Topol - Ground Truths

Toot translations are now built-in with , with their own translation API.

I still prefer , tho. 😃

“The gun will wait. The lake will wait. The tall gall in the small seductive vial will wait will wait.”

Roxane Gay Reads "To the Young Who Want to Die" by Gwendolyn Brooks

Perhaps "journalists" reporting on what lawmakers in attendance are wearing (including their jewelry) may consider moving to fashion magazines ?

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Upcycling Android
"You have an Android phone and its manufacturer does not offer you any recent updates of your phone or its operating system? You are faced with the dilemma of either buying a new phone or keeping an outdated device running? Learn on this page how you can install and use a Free Software operating system on your phone that keeps your device up to date."

#neat link i stumbled onto today
#foss #phone

I finally found that seaweed they use for a favorite banchan: miyeok julgi (seaweed stems).

It didn't come with instructions, so I thought it didn't require too much prep. Was getting ready for dinner, and found online instructions: “rinse 5 times and soak overnight”. Apparently, it's preserved with lots of salt.

Hah! Switching to Kimchi for tonight's greens.

Old school mates are planning for a reunion. I sent them the latest case graph for .

One thing I really want to see from shops (especially, groceries) is "unit price". A “unit price” is the retail price expressed in terms of price per unit (e.g. weight, measure, or count).)

This makes comparisons between brands easier.
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Pro tip: before you buy anything through the internet, check out the other prices of other vendors also from the internet.

so many products are overpriced.

RT @marvicleonen
Pro tip: before you buy anything through the internet, check out the other prices of other vendors also from the internet.

so many products are overpriced.

The shortest path between two points isn't always a straight line.

Had to do a chore before going to the doctors, but the bike-friendly route is circuitous, and taking a foot bridge is actually faster (and shorter.)

Mabuti na lang, it's nothing like

Dear , could you please add how much (estimated) calories/energy were expended when I record a track? Ask me, about the type of activity, too.

I honestly don't need a separate app, when I already have installed but because you don't provide that information, I use just for that.

My lightest so far, and very close to breaching the 60kg floor. 🎉 At the height of the pandemic, I peaked at 68 -- though my worst record is 72.

I do know that I tend to eat too much (or, eat bad) when I'm stressed.

What have I been doing? daily. Drinking less alcohol (down to 1-3x a month). 18:6 , plus once a month 72-hour fast.

Working on to lose 5-7kg more, by December. 🤞

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