Last year, location feedback by passengers shows Indonesia and Singapore having the most number of inputs. Would that mean other countries are better mapped?

The feedback numbers from drivers doesn't match those of passengers, and clearly shows significant volume compared to the former.

Image source:

Article also reveals the size of their mapping team - 250 people - 100 of which are working remotely from India.

The article also mentions of their plan to work in 100 more cities in 2019.

Whipped up a satisfying cold dish for an unusually warm Sunday: . All done under 10 minutes.

Bikes are the primary form of transportation in Maafushi. There are occasional cars, and I've seen a number of gasoline and electric motorcycles, but by far, bicycles are the most common.

the love you crave
isn't always found in the person you like.
liking someone isn't enough
to make them love you back.

OTOH, a clean inbox is a sight to see.

I actually don't know anyone from the group photo. I just like the idea of this popular temple in Chamunda hill having a special monument for the demon King, Mahishasura. Of course, the demon was vanquished by the goddess Durga, and that triumph is celebrated in the annual Dasara festival in Mysuru.

It hasn't ceased to amaze me how we have so much traditional Southeast Asian food in common.

The Philippine version of is known as , where bumbong refer to the traditional bamboo receptacle used for cooking this type of rice cake.

This one is lighter though, and green (because of Pandanus leaves) while ours is violet because we use ube (a purple yam) . For some reason, ours is a seasonal snack, available only during December holidays.

city's bike sharing system, ( the first in India) uses in their station maps. Properly attributed, too.šŸ˜‰

I've seen a lot of bikers here, especially young students. Even if there's no cycling infrastructure available.

Unfortunately, you need some paperwork to get a smart card that can let you hire the bike.

The Hospete Train Station's fast wifi service is provided by

Broke my fast, right after snorkeling, and while eating suddenly felt perplexed for a few seconds -- was playing. A little too loudly. In an atoll in .


One sad thing noticable in this place, is that almost all shops offer too much single-user plastics, without alternatives. I've refused all, except this one. šŸ˜¶

The islanders (atoll inhabitants, if you want) are friendly and helpful, but seem oblivious to the rubbish around them. I don't see waste segregation efforts, as well.

Earlier today, I saw foul black smoke from rubbish being burned in the other end of the atoll.

Nepal community's Pradip Khatiwada sharing their strategy for growing their community at

Modern geographical understanding falls short of being able to capture important intangibles of place: meaning, essence, and character. "The Middle West", James. R. Shortridge.

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