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hairline cracks
of compassion fatigue —
time to be grounded
[David Dayson]

Maputla ba? 😅

Halos lahat naman talaga ng uri ng pasta ay maputla, dahil ito ay karaniwang gawa sa pinong harina. Pero, meron ding may iba pang kulay, tulad nitong itim na pasta hinaluan ng tinta ng pusit.

Madalas, sa salsa talaga ang labanan, pero meron ding mga simple pang paraan ng paghahanda ng pasta (i.e. keso & paminta, o bawang at olive oil).

Kanya-kanyang trip. Walang basagan.

Pista ng Mapa 2021 Registration and Community Vote are still open!

Registration is until Oct 31 and the community vote is until Oct 8. Register today to join in the community vote!

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@nicoquejano Salamat para dito. Sinalin ko sa Filipino para mas maintindihan ng nakararami.

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Flash sale na naman, na-curious ka b kung gaano na karami ang basura from online shopping?🤯

The 1st step to solve the plastic packaging problem is for @LazadaPH& @ShopeePH to REVEAL the amount of plastic waste they create

Previous tweet I made about Signal chat has a bunch of replies inquiring about what cultural change is needed for people to be critical about surveillance.

I always felt this is was the wrong way to got about the question. Surveillance is just one dimension of the problem; the actual problem is the denial software freedom. If you commit to the Free software movement, which has been around for decades, everything else will follow.

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After months of planning, we now have server infrastructure in Dublin Ireland. Why physical? Excellent bandwidth costs (10Gbit/s) and access to raw CPU power / IO. Thank you to team involved. ❤️💻🇮🇪

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To the entertaining trolls who have descended on my Tiktok account: FACTS, you! Mag-aral. Magbasa. Check the numbers.

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Lipstick on a pig - adding BRTs and bike lanes to a 6-lane skyway to cover the Pasig does not make it better. This still won't solve 'traffic,' because of induced demand, and we will lose the historic river, its cooling effect, and open space in the name of profit. Say

First time to ”eat out" (literally!) after 19 months. Found a new-ish stand-up coffee bar in Makati: Kōhī Mkt, along Antipolo:

Very biker-friendly, and they deliver (?) nearby by bike. The sidewalk divider also serves as a bike stand/table.

The iced coffee is refreshing, but the Japanese sandwich I tried was so-so. Maybe, I'll try another variant next time. 😉

The street is busy, so time your visit right so you can enjoy your coffee without jeepney fumes.

I've been using laptops since my first laptop, many, many years ago. :wink:

The trackpoint had been a deal-breaker for me when I'm mobile, but I'm doing less work of that kind, so that may not be as bad as I think. (Well, there was that year I thought I'd break away and got an HP with a trackpoint - I didn't last a month and bought another thinkpad -- and sold the HP for a song.)

The promises to be a long-term companion, and easily serviceable.

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The @openmapping_ap has assembled a tremendous team, and you can join them as a trainer! Apply by 8 October.

Tahô, a beloved street snack in the Philippines. Traditionally, often served hot and usually peddled in the morning by vendors who travel on foot around neighborhoods.

This one's served cold, though. And bought from a nearby tofu deli. 😋

Tofu pudding (豆腐) was introduced to the Philippines by Hokkien immigrants.

Our forebears had access to advanced orthopedics.

Or, they were made of of sterner stuff. 😄
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Young dancers in the Philippines performing a traditional bamboo dance known as Tinikling.

Who says there's no free lunch?

Thanks for the free chicken biryani @pusitfiles 😋

I was there for a few hours, but only noticed two users on bikes. (Couldn't help noticing them -- they blocked the bikeway to fix their saddles.)

Most of the bicycle parking spots I saw were full, and majority of the bikers I saw we're those of the local delivery services.

According to online information, the service was launched in January 2021. Rates are as follows: ₱15 per 15 minutes for bikes and ₱50 per 20 minutes for the e-scooters.

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It's been months since I last visited the BGC business district, and it feels like a ghost of it's former self.

The good thing is that the the shared lanes are still there, and are now promoting more active transport with these rental/sharing stations.

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