🎉 5 of the top 7 contributors from the Philippines last month were contributors from Duero, Bohol working on their own projects.

Way to go Duero! Hat tip to UPRI for introducing them to .

Notification from a shop: "Your item is now available for pick-up, strictly from Monday to Sunday, 10am - 8pm."

Aww .. I was thinking of going another day.

notes is one way of getting feedback from mappers and end-users. Unfortunately, like this particular user, who submitted these three notes in the last three years to report an issue, they are often overlooked, and local mappers are often overwhelmed by the number of notes.

I hope for tools that will allow local mappers to occasionally review notes about the same feature, having similar issues, so they can be prioritized when possible.

When you're a bit addled, do you have folks in your contacts lists you're just itchin' to send a message to, where normally, you wouldn't even think about? 🤨

regex crash course! 

This is one of the easiest guides to follow for trying meditation this form of meditation buddhismnow.com/2013/07/05/fir

RT @cnnphlife: “Our feminism should always be in the context of social transformation. If you put feminism by itself, hanging in the air, it’s not going to do a lot of good. ” — Sr. Mary John Mananzan t.co/NRxHvI0qKk

Finally! The gets to meet the ergonomic mouse which arrived today. I've been using my portable wireless after the desktop mouse went belly-up the other week.

This is my first ergonomic mouse, the last one being a gaming mouse that came with the keyboard. The vertical format and new wrist position needs getting used to, and I had to use `xev` to kill buttons 8 and 9 that was programmed for forward/backward action.

I'm always pleased to hear back from people talking about sharing their mapping skills with other people, especially during their own free time.


Local courier service, Ninja Van uses (via ) in their web app. With correct attribution, too. 😉

Here it is, Tin-Man Rivets, a scifi story I wrote in Gosh, 2009, actually, for my friend's website, The Daily Robot. Hope you enjoy it, feel free to boost!


There's this BBC article about , a proprietary service to "help" determine location, and the police is said to be urging people to use it. Story mentioned how somebody got lost and was instructed by a call-handler to download said app.

Any mapping app on your phone (e.g. Google Maps) can determine your location (if you enabled it).

For the amount of time it took to get the app to work the location could've been given several times over -- just to make sure they got the coordinates right.

I wish gets better support mobile editors. In a mapathon we did recently, 2/3 of the more than 60 mappers were using tablets. Instead of fiddling with iD, perhaps we could've done better on or !!

“I’m stricken by the ricochet wonder of it all: the plain everythingness of everything, in cahoots with the everythingness of everything else.” ~ Diane Ackerman, Diffraction (poem for Carl Sagan)


P.S. This is a correction of the original post made in 8th August, with a typo: "" : twitter.com/GOwin/status/11593

Our volunteers completed a test task for province in today's . To support of the initiative announced in last week's , to improve baseline map data for geographies outside the capital region.

Our new volunteers contributors agree that editor boosted their confidence, and help them improve their own imagery interpretation skills. It also helps that we have experienced volunteers to coach them, too.

The editor never ceases to amaze me. Custom imagery layer, like this one from , are supported - just specify the URL endpoint of your source.

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