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Erwin Olario

The local community in the continue to find ways to engage, and encourage under-represented sectors in the mapping community. To mark , the hosted .

More here:

Doors are open for and workshop to mark 's month in the . Kudos to for leading the activity.

Apparently, has introduced heatmap updates to address privacy issues raised last month.

heatmaps are a great tool for helping aligning imagery for use with

Today, they're just all wonky.
What's up with the heatmap @strava ?

marks with MAPAbabae: an Workshop with Women and for Women on 22nd March, 12:0017:30

Kindly register at:

Yasai itame, with baguette for desk lunch. All under 15 minutes, including washing the kitchen utensils. 😉


Imagery from , again with the same abberation

This is just the second time I found a while mapping on

7Q63J34J+ , imagery from

Do you notice that chromatic aberration?

In , if I'm on my computer, is **often** my favorite editor. However, for quick edits, I use .

Check it out:

made available new imagery from for use with .

In our community in the , we are proud to have awesome women leaders who are passionate about what we do, and why we do it.

Kudos, ladies! Happy .

Looking for a convenient way to query notes in ?

I found this useful :

Things are looking up for in .

A local logistics company expressed their interest to share data to help improve their local map (which they recognize as good for their business, too.)

h/t: @AkuAnakTimur

Yesterday, we celebrated in with workshops and a unconference.

Thank you, and see you again next time.

Sometimes, we make do with whatever is available for Saturday date night.

The team in is hard at work preparing for the next regional .

Here's the 2018's official logo