Ever wondered where corporate-supported editing is happening in [0] ?

hat tip to Eugene for sharing this in our telegram channel [1] .


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@GOwin Corporate-sponsored editing can be a good thing, for instance if professionals bring useful data. But I also remember having to deal with a harsh community manager who imposed all-uppercase names for his shops, against OSM standard practices.
Do you know about resources talking about those issues and how to fuel resources to the right direction?

@bxl_forever Do you mean resources for directed editing practices?

Apart from the guideline (still considered as draft) issued by the OSMF some months ago, the usual good practices documented on the wiki applies, as usual.

I'm not sure though, if that's what you meant. Do elaborate, if I misunderstood your question.

@GOwin Hi there!
My idea is that having professionals in OSM is normally a good thing, if companies pay them to spend hours improving the map and bringing good stuff. I work in public transport and I can tell you that amateurs spotting bus stops one by one is inefficient and error-prone.
But a professional has a dilemma when her company guidelines contradict OSMF standards and sometimes they will favour their company’s rules. I was curious about how to solve that, to avoid incoherent data.

@GOwin And, needless to say, thanks for the link you provided, it is a great-looking map. 👍


Whether or not they are sponsored by corporations, if it contradicts OSMF rules, then other contributors can remove those edits from the database, rendering those efforts futile.

It makes much more sense to work with the OSMF rules / OSM conventions from the get-go.

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