In , users (including anonymous ones) often use notes to leave feedback about map features. I try to initiate conversation with note contributors, and there are many who would respond back. It's heartening to see note contributors starting to map features themselves, after a engaging them positively through notes.

Yay, nice :)

Are you looking for notes around your area, or are you going to other places?

@roptat I map all around 😉 , so i try to read any open notes in the area, if ever I found any.

I even had a funny incident in the past. I was so excited to find a note in this remote area, and only to be disappointed that the note was from myself, several years back. 😅

@GOwin But I doubt many anonymous users respond, as they get no notification/mail.

@rugk That's correct. It's actually surprising that some (which I assume to be the original posters) actually bother to respond. I guess the found it important enough to bother with it.

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