Do you know where the nearest facility in your neighborhood is, including informal (e.g. chaining bikes to street furniture is not objectionable ) ones?

Do you know that you can easily add these to , and share the information with fellow riders?


I would think there are many others who would be in the same position, Joseph. Do you like going around your neighborhood, or ride a bike as well?

@GOwin I haven't owned a bike since moving to the Philippines. I thought about it, but my condo doesn't offer bicycle parking and I don't have the storage space for a road bike. Didn't give much thought to a folding bike though. Are you enjoying yours?


@joseph There are pros and cons, but the bottomline is that affords me some flexibility that matches the way I bike. It's not something I'd race with, or bring to trails, but using it to bike around the neighbourhood, or the next one, is good enough. In my experience, there aren't too many bike parking in establishments near me, and I could get away with just bringing them in folded. That might not be possible with a full-size bike.

@GOwin That's a good point. If it's for utility rather than just exercise, folding bike makes more sense here because you can bring it in places.

I've seen bike shops on Facebook selling folding bikes for 3-5k pesos but I don't know if they're any good. I know ROX has expensive folding bike brands for like 30k but that seems like overkill.


Are those the second-hand folders from Japan? I think I've seen more than a few of those on the road, because they're normally sold less than second-hand full-size bikes.

I sometimes get to chat with these bikers on the road, and often, they tell me they don't actually fold them at all, and the only reason they got it was the price.

That confirms a need for more reasonably priced bikes here, hence we have a flourishing second-hand market (for bikes, or other stuff)

@GOwin yup, second hand from Japan. I'm surprised they don't fold them considering how little space most people have in condos.

@joseph For some, space isn't actually the main consideration. Also, some older folders are really awkward to fold.


If you're looking for (and know how to determine) bargains, 13th Street/Robert Oca Street in Port Area in Manila is a street market of second-hand goods from Japan, and there are shops there that specializes in bikes. One could get folding bikes there for as low as 3,000 PHP.


Having used a folding bike for ~4 years now and I've given some thought about the criterion for a future folder:
1. Parking/Stowing isn't always an option so a folder is a middle-ground in places where you don't expect to find parking
2. Portability. Do I want something easy to fold but awkward or too heavy to carry? Do I want it rollable? How often am I going to fold/carry/roll my bike?
3. Standard parts. I want to get as many parts as possible from the general market.

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