Do you know that has committed to not keeping the unblurred imagery you submit to them?

This used to a privacy concern, but I'm glad that they finally addressed it. I'm not sure if , which competes in the same space, has many any categorical statement on the same issue.

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@GOwin Are you sure they dont extract all possible metadata including face recognition or so , for the owner (FB) before bluring ? They are now ,in fact, a part of world largest business based on exploring our privacy.

@miklo @GOwin Are you saying they do? A source would be appreciated.

@CjMalone @GOwin I am not sure that they do it, but facebook earns on all our private data that it can obtain even without our consent (see: FB scripts on millions of websites - tracks all users even not having an FB account) - so why should I believe they will behave different here?

@GOwin This actually kind of sucks. The blur filter regularly gets things wrong.

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